Disney Releases First Look of Its Eagerly-Awaited New Princess, Moana

Moana will be the first Polynesian princess in Disney history, which has made her movie even more highly anticipated. Auli’i Cravalho, the 14-year-old actress from Oahu, Hawaii, was thrilled to find out she got the part of Moana, which she didn’t audition for, fearing she was not good enough.

Review: Frozen Goes Where No Disney Film Has Gone Before

In recent years, it seems as though Disney has finally caught up with the times in terms of feminism. The Princess and the Frog featured a business-driven princess, Tangled featured a princess who ended up saving her prince, and Brave featured a princess who ended up not choosing a prince at all. Given Disney’s history with passive female characters, this has been refreshing. But Disney’s newest princess film, Frozen, features a princess doing something never seen before in a Disney film: punching her prince in the face.