Review: 'mother!' Is Divisive with Its Gore-Filled Violence

Taking a risk in film can either mean complete success with both with the audience and the critics, or it can result with a disaster in the box office. With its intensity and incredible gore, mother! is definitely a risk.

Review: 'Rules Don’t Apply' Fails To Reach It's Promise

Rules Don’t Apply doesn’t do much to shed new light on Hughes, but seems more focused on capturing as much of his bizarre personality as possible, which unfortunately leaves us with a muddled and confused film that doesn’t seem all that sure of what it actually wants to say. It is in one part love letter and comedic tribute to the legend, another a dramatic attempt to give us insight on the man, and falls flat in trying to balance both.

Is HBO’s ‘Westworld’ the new ‘Game of Thrones’?

Since before its premiere, Westworld has been compared to HBO’s smash hit, Game of Thrones. Knowing that Game of Thrones will be ending in two seasons, HBO is desperate for another hit to keep its subscriber count up.

Review: 'Run All Night' Turns Liam Neeson Into A Badass With Regrets

'Run All Night' casts Neeson as Jimmy Conlon, an old mobster drowning his regrets about his violent history in booze and bad choices.