The Do's and Don'ts of SDCC: A How To Guide from a First-Time Attendee

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'Difficult People' is a Millennial’s Dream Show

Hulu just introduced the most quotable show of 2015, and we’re so pleased to meet it. Difficult People stars Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner as best friends, appropriately named Julie and Billy. It’s nice to think this is an autobiographical, satirical take on who they really are, but no one could really be this awful.

Don’t H8 on Sense8: How Sense8 Balances Big Concepts with Small Moments.

With unpredictable creators, a vague concept, and a terrible pun for a title, it did not seem like Sense8 had anywhere to go but flopping. Some critics believe that it did. However, the show succeeded by making itself into something different. Instead of focusing on how the sensates came to be or what is going to happen now, the show chooses to show intimate moments in the characters’ lives. The relationships of the sensates become the pure driving force of this series, as opposed to the plot or the “why” of it all.

'Supernatural' Season Finale Review: "Brother’s Keeper"

Supernatural’s tenth year ended with what was probably one of the better episodes this season, which, unfortunately, is not saying much. Knowing that the boys are back to their old selves, there is hope, still, that season eleven will be better than the Supernatural of the past two seasons.

Mad Men Series Finale Review: Person to Person

Mad Men was always a series about life, about what it means to human, beyond advertising or anything else. And while the music of a simpler time wouldn’t play, the children, the lovers and poets (the Sallys, the Petes, and of course, the Dons) of 1970 would use the lessons they learned to create a better future, which is the perfect way to say goodbye. And we will miss it so.

Boston Stage Preview: Thirteen Boston Performances To See In 2014

Boston theatre has been rapidly growing in both diversity and excellence these past few years, and 2014 is no exception. Perhaps this is the year of the Russian, with Chekhov’s plays being highly popular around the city, from Russian legend Man in a Case, starring Mikhail Baryshnikov to the Seagull. But if you’re not into the Russian classics this year, fret not! From fringe to foreign to Shakespearean theatre, Boston has enough “something” for every curious audience member.

Review: Teen Wolf “Illuminated”

It was Halloween in Beacon Hills (yep, in January) and Monday’s episode of Teen Wolf was appropriately jam-packed with spooky surprises and an overall feeling of impending doom. The episode, titled “Illuminated” because of the massive blacklight dance party that took place, also featured a remixed opening title song by the Bloody Beetroots, who appeared in the episode as well.

Review: The "Mother" of All Episodes

What makes this episode, titled “How Your Mother Met Me”, so uniquely fresh wasn’t just the presentation of The Mother on her own, but how the writers so smoothly transition her into the main character’s lives in such unexpected ways. This episode almost feels like a re-pilot, as it opens on the first episode of the show back in 2005 as The Mother’s story runs parallel to Ted’s.