'Agent Carter' Review/Recap: "Snafu"

The 'Agent Carter' episode "Snafu" had a distinct sense of dread throughout the entire episode—in particular, the pervading feeling that someone was going to die loomed ominously large right from the beginning.

'Agent Carter' Review/Recap: "A Sin To Err"

In this episode of 'Agent Carter' maybe more than the others, the issue of sexism in the workplace—which has been a prevalent theme throughout the entire series—really came through to the forefront.

'Agent Carter' Review/Recap: "The Iron Ceiling"

This week’s episode of 'Agent Carter' was, admittedly, quite concerning. While it continued to deliver an amazingly compelling and thrilling story, there was one development many weren’t too keen on.

'Agent Carter' Review/Recap: "The Blitzkrieg Button"

Howard Stark returns on 'Agent Carter,' in what is yet another solid episode for the show. In this episode, he introduces the titular "Blitzkrieg Button."

The Walking Dead Recap/Review: "Dead Weight"

Recap of The Walking Dead Episode "Dead Weight"