Review: 'American Pastoral' Is As Depressing As The Title Suggests

Drama is great. It really is. It creates beautiful, heart-wrenching films that are a joy to watch, even if they cause more sadness than joy. But sometimes, when making a drama, one should stop and think, “Am I taking this too far?” It seems that Director Ewan McGregor American Pastoral never bothered to ask himself that question. Or if he did, he just decided to keep going with it.

Top Ten College Movies

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Review: "Winter's Tale" is a Frivolous Fantasy That Ultimately Falls Flat

Creating a hit fantasy film has always required a sort of tricky tightrope walk, and in today’s industry, the sheer volume of imaginative films has made it even more difficult to rise to the top and please audiences. While many movies manage to successfully transport film-goers into fantastical worlds, Winter’s Tale’s mystifying story line and far-fetched plot points contribute to a fantasy-romance that ultimately falls flat.

Fall and Get "Stuck in Love"

These are the days that having Netflix is a gift from the indie movie gods. Stuck in Love was released in July to limited theaters but Netflix has put it up just in time for Valentine’s Day. Here is a film that will break your heart and put it back together in 97 minutes.

What Did I Miss During The Super Bowl: Movie Trailer Edition

One of the best parts of the biggest football game of the year is the commercials. Though you can always count on Budweiser to throw in a commercial with a Clydesdale, the big game is also prime advertising space for Hollywood’s studios to showcase their most anticipated flicks. Check out Emertainment Monthly's (somewhat biased) ranking of this year’s trailers from worst to best.

Mark Your Calendars: 2014 Hottest Films

Coming off one of the biggest and best years in film history, 2014 has a lot to live up to. With many established films such as more Marvel films and another Hunger Games sequel on its way, there are high expectations for this year’s releases. Here are the top 10 hottest and most anticipated films for 2014.

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