Nintendo Direct at E3 2015

Welcome to Nintendo, where everything’s made up and third party IPs don’t matter. After Sony’s E3 Press Conference with exciting remakes and reveals, its main competition needed to step up in a major way to compete for the top spot at this year’s E3. Unfortunately, the Nintendo NX will not be making its way into the news until next year, so let’s focus on what we have now.

Nintendo at E3 – potential and confirmed lineup

With their release of the ink-stained, third person shooter Splatoon on May 28th, the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 3d for the 3ds on June 10th and an impending release of Yoshi’s Woolly World slated for June 25th, it seems Nintendo has made it their goal to dominate the video game market this summer. And as E3 edges close, the Nintendo hype train is giving no indications of slowing down.