10 Questions You Didn’t Know You Had About DuckTales

In a world filled with eighties nostalgia, 2017’s DuckTales reboot properly brings a beloved property back.


Opinion: Screen versus Paper, Which is more beneficial?

Has technology interfered with our reading ability? Has it changed it for the better or the worse? Read our opinion on screen vs. paper here.


Why Isn’t Genre Fiction Taken Seriously?

There is a certain flavor of snobbery within the literary world regarding genre fiction. Find out why this is the case here.

Fan Service

Opinion: The Importance of Fan Service

J.K. Rowling created one of the most popular series in the world. Yet, she has proven that even she faces challenges when it comes to fan service.

Why 'The West Wing' Is the Show Americans Need To Be Watching Right Now

The West Wing is a show that doesn’t reflect the White House today, but it makes us say, “Wouldn’t it be great if it did?”

Rupi Kaur

Opinion: Rupi Kaur – An Instagram Poetry Pioneer

Esteemed poet, Rupi Kaur, has faced significant backlash within the poetry community. Her poetry inspires some while exasperating others.

Opinion: New Adult – The Dawning of a New Genre

The New Adult genre promises a bridge between the Adult and Young Adult genres. Gathering publicity and hype make this the genre to watch.

Top Three Games of the 2017 Steam Summer Sale

Here are three great games I picked up from the Steam Summer Sale that you should consider buying!

‘Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator’ is the Best Game of the Year, Apparently

The Game Grumps have come out with 'Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator,' a game that is funny, cute, heartwarming, and welcoming.

The Power of Reading Challenges

Shadin Al-Dossari ‘18/ Emertainment Monthly Assistant Editor For any reader, even those who read a couple of books a year,...

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