2016 Golden Globes Snubs & Surprises

With so many fantastic films coming out this year, awards season was looking like anybody’s race. This week’s Golden Globe Nomination Announcement only added to the mystique, offering many shocking nominations as well as completely snubbing some films. Here is Emertainment’s list of this years biggest snubs and surprises from the Golden Globes!

Review: 'The Handmaiden' Is a Beautiful Revenge Mystery

Park Chan-Wook has built a reputation by using film to explore his fascination with classic revenge fables and humanity's inner-darkness, most notoriously recognized in his now-classic 2003 film Oldboy. In Chan-Wook’s stories, there are never any real protagonists to root for, just terrible human beings with terrible secrets that result in awful, vengeful conclusions. In many ways, Chan-Wook’s latest film, The Handmaiden, fits comfortably into the man’s canon. All of its players are manipulative, secretive and fueled by self-gain. Yet The Handmaiden reveals itself to be an entirely different kind of story than Chan-Wook has taken on before, and to an incredibly satisfying result.