Review: Does 'The Birth of a Nation' Redeem Nate Parker?

Up until the recent slew of bad press for its director, writer, and star Nate Parker, The Birth of a Nation was the most anticipated film of 2017’s award season. It was an early favorite at both Cannes and Sundance, earning rave reviews from critics and creating a bidding war for the rights that ended in the record-breaking $17.5 million purchase by Fox Searchlight. The Birth of a Nation promised to bring the untold story of Nat Turner (Nate Parker), the enslaved African American hero who led one of the greatest slave rebellion in the antebellum South. Advertised as a film to rewrite history, to rally the troops fighting for social justice today, The Birth of a Nation was set to break down the Academy’s #OscarsSoWhite status that was all the talk of last year.