Review: 'Elle' Is a Well Made Movie that Isn't for Everyone

Elle is an extraordinarily difficult movie. It’s difficult to recommend, difficult to criticize, difficult to understand, and difficult to watch. It is difficult because it is a very well made movie that is commenting on everything from violent video games to rape culture to horror in what can only be described as strange and controversial ways.

Review: "RoboCop" Is Entertaining But Action Is Disappointing

RoboCop is set in the not-so-distant future, when the US has turned a large number of countries into what might be considered police states. Raymond Sellars and his company OmniCorp have deployed robot police forces to patrol terrorist nations to secure any threats without the loss of American lives. Since the United States refuses to allow conscience-less robots to patrol the nation, Sellars decides to create an organic-based robot by placing a human inside of a robotic suit.

What Did I Miss During The Super Bowl: Movie Trailer Edition

One of the best parts of the biggest football game of the year is the commercials. Though you can always count on Budweiser to throw in a commercial with a Clydesdale, the big game is also prime advertising space for Hollywood’s studios to showcase their most anticipated flicks. Check out Emertainment Monthly's (somewhat biased) ranking of this year’s trailers from worst to best.

Movie Stars in the Making: 8 Names to Watch in 2014

Every year there seems to be a new face in Hollywood that catches everyone by storm. In recent years we’ve had Jennifer Lawrence, Miles Teller, Dane DeHaan, and many more. But who is next to join this group of up-and-coming superstars? These 8 actors are the ones you should watch in 2014.