Emertainment Monthly’s Top Ten Indie Comics of 2015

In all honesty, nobody here hates superheroes. They’re great. Their comics are great when they’re not written by known sexual predators, their movies are great when they aren’t trying to convince us how tortured and edgy they are, and their TV shows are great when they’re not Teen Titans Go! But the main problem with superheroes—besides their questionable motives for dressing up in costume—is that they dominate nearly all discussion about comics. One need only Google the many, many thinkpieces on the eternal Batman vs. Superman debate to see just how deep their infiltration goes. So as we move into the New Year, we’re taking a moment to spotlight some of our favorite indie titles from the past year--that aren’t Saga, because we like not having obvious #1 picks. From the trippy sci-fi thrillers, to the insane 80s punk fantasy, to the stories that gave us way too many feelings at once, here are our top ten indie comics of 2015.

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