Adele's "Skyfall" Review

Paige Solomon ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff

Adele – “Skyfall” cover art. Photo and Music courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment, XL Recordings and YouTube.
There are a lot of mixed reviews over Adele’s new 007 theme song, ”Skyfall,” however it sounds very similar to the classic James Bond theme songs. Adele brought back the smooth, classic Bond-feeling that is reminiscent of Goldfinger and Diamonds are Forever’s opening songs. Where other well-known names failed to capture the feeling of sophistication and action (Paul McCartney and Wing’s “Live and Let Die” and Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does it Better”) the Bond franchise has developed, Adele does so beautifully.
With lyrics such as “we will stand tall/ face it all together,” “Skyfall” captures the intensity the new Bond movie is sure to bring. The film centers on Bond’s loyalty to M as her past comes back to haunt her and present new challenges. The trailer also presents a prevalent theme of resurrection that is reflected in the song, “This is the end/Hold your breath and count to ten/Feel the earth move and then/Hear my heart burst again.” If the song is foreshadowing what is to come in the film, then the movie should have a lot in store for 007 fans.
Adele’s voice is, as always, strong and has that fluidity of words throughout the song that makes it so 007. There is a vintage rhythm to the song that brings back the classic James Bond feel.
Where the song falls a bit flat is that the song does not do anything new or exciting with Adele’s voice. The song does not take Adele’s vocal power to the extreme to really get the excitement and suspense of the film in the song.
Nevertheless the song makes me, as a Bond fan, very excited for what is to come. Adele did the Bond theme song franchise justice and it fits in perfectly with the classics.

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