American Horror Story: Asylum "Tricks and Treats" Review/Recap [Spoilers]

Alex McCormick ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff

Joseph Fiennes as Monsignor Timothy Howard in the second episode of “American Horror Story: Asylum” titled “Trick and Treat”.
Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/FX

American Horror Story: Asylum‘s second episode was disappointingly inadequate. While it was not a bad episode in general, for American Horror Story, it was sub-par.

The episode begins with Teresa (Jenna Dewan Tatum) running from Bloodyface for approximately thirty seconds; neither she nor Bloodyface is seen through the rest of the episode. Episode two, entitled “Tricks and Treats,” also sees the introduction of Zachary Quinto’s character, Dr. Oliver Thredson, the court-ordered psychiatrist tasked with determining Kit’s (Evan Peters) ability to stand trial. Quinto’s performance was surprisingly bad; it was almost as if he was trying to add depth to his character that the audience has no knowledge of thus far. It also seemed like he was trying to play his character as both a pushover and a dominating force, and the actual significance of his role was lost in translation.

Dr. Thredson also awkwardly assumes the position of moral compass for Briarcliff when a young boy is brought in for an exorcism, which is probably the most impressive part of the episode. Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) and Monsignor Howard (Joseph Fiennes) believe the boy is possessed by a demon. In the nearly fifteen-minute scene, the demon inside the boy reveals a glimpse into Sister Jude’s (Jessica Lange) past, as well as what Ryan Murphy calls a “bloody Easter egg” into Dr. Thredson’s past. The episode also features Lana (Sarah Paulson), Grace (Lizzie Brocheré), and Kit trying to escape from Briarcliff.

The first MVP for “Tricks and Treats” (for the second week in a row) is James Cromwell. The viewers are given a terrifying peek into his crazy, twisted mind. The second MVP is Lizzie Brocheré. Her character, Grace’s sole purpose thus far is to provide exposition, much in the way Hayden (Kate Mara) did in season one. However, Brocheré plays her character very well and will reportedly become an incredible force later on in the season. Honorable mention (for the second week in a row) goes to Chloë Sevigny, American Horror Story: Asylum‘s most criminally underused character.

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