Matt & Kim – "Lightning" Review

Matt Buckley ’15 / Emertainment Monthly Staff

Artist Matt & Kim’s latest album “Lightning.” Photo Property of Matt & Kim.
The dynamic drum and keyboard duo of Matt & Kim released their third album underneath the FADER label, Lightning on October 2nd. The album is a short thirty two minutes, filled with ten songs, only two of them exceeding four minutes in length. This Brooklyn based duo of Matt Johnson (vocal/keyboards) and Kim Schifino (drums) is known for their short, fast, upbeat songs.
While the album and the single Let’s Go did not make it to high numbers in the charts, that does not mean this album should be underestimated. Vocalist Matt Johnson has mastered the art of creating songs the listener can sing along with. Most every chorus from this album is catchy, creative, and easy to sing along with. Each song, while short and fast, still manages to be memorable, and by the second or third listen, it is easy to start singing along.
The song  It’s Alright will soon having you chant along with the chorus, agreeing with Matt that it is alright. The sudden quick pace of Overexposed will wake anyone up, and keep them going even after the song ends. The bands roots are present in their song Tonight with the carefree lyrics and fun loving attitude about a night in New York. While the album is rather indie, and rather unheard of, it can still contend with some of the other more popular albums of the year, and is definitely worth more than just one listen.

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