First Impression: Iron Man 3

James Johnston ’15 / Emertainment Monthly Editor

The logo for “Iron Man 3.” Photo via
Bravo, Marvel: You have resold us on the Iron Man franchise. After seeing the new trailer for Iron Man 3, we feel compelled to re-watch the dreadful Iron Man II just to get caught up again. That’s true accomplishment.
Sequel-bashing aside, we are glad to see Tony Stark getting his butt whooped. Previous Iron Man films had its serious (and even heartbreaking) moments, but overall came off as fun, lighthearted action films. This is not the case in Iron Man 3. We are prepared to see Stark’s emotions torn in two, and his body armor torn into several more pieces. Perhaps Tony’s alcoholism will make a guest appearance? We are confident that this movie will still contain a happy ending, but the road to that end will be filled with sadness.
There is also the matter of the main villain, The Mandarin. Often pegged as Iron Man’s arch-nemesis, he can be a pretty nasty fellow. In the comic books his ten rings of power each had a unique and deadly ability, which he would fire at Iron Man and the unsuspecting public. In this trailer, it seems that his rings are simply rings, and his power stems from his military might. Plus, he sneaks the word terrorism in there. There is no doubt he will be only as powerful as America’s current enemies from the Middle East.
We are hopeful for the newest entry into the Iron Man franchise. After seeing Iron Man win so much, we are ready to see him get torn apart from the inside. We have to wonder, though: If another Iron Man movie is produced, will it be Iron Man 4 or Iron Man IV?
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