Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson – A Bloody Hit!

Emily White ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Editor

Speakeasy StageCompany Presents: Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. Photo Credit: Craig Bailey / Perspective Photo.
Speakeasy Stage Company’s production of at the Roberts Theatre in the Boston Center for the Arts takes a musket shot at American history and today’s politics. History buffs, musical theatre lovers, political and rock fans alike will enjoy the satirical, gritty, alt/punk-infused historically accurate score and the play’s metaphorical relevance to today’s political issues, especially relevant to the upcoming election.
Gus Curry’s Andrew Jackson is a loveably immature presidential hopeful, who does a superb job of portraying an irrational, impulsive, and often lewd and offensive character as one the audience roots for the whole show. From his humble beginnings to his eventual rock star status, Curry’s Jackson treats the audience to a comedic and action-packed rock show. Other standouts in the entirely fabulous and on-point cast include Alessandra Vaganek, who plays Jackson’s wife Rachel, who delivers a truly heartbreaking performance in her song “The Great Compromise.”
The show also deals with difficult topics, such as racism, political inequality, and the disillusionment with democracy that still pervades in today’s society. The show and the cast do a wonderful and appropriate job dealing with heavy topics such as Jackson’s controversial and harsh resettlement of the American Indians in a way that is both tasteful and shocking, forcing the audience to come face to face with a sordid American history. The show and the amazing performances by the cast inspire the audience to question the nature of their own history and their role in the current political landscape. It is a play of timeless, important topics, as well as being an endless party. “History just got all sexy pants” – and the cast of Speakeasy Stage Company wear these pants with flair!
Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson continues its run at the Boston Center for the Arts until November 17, with a special added performance Nov. 11 at 7PM. For more information or specific show dates and times please visit:

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