Review: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II

Ashley Elliott ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff

Kellan Lutz and Kristen Stewart in a still from THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN-PART 2.
As the last of the Twilight series hit theaters Friday November 16, everyone is in tears. The fans cry over their favorite vampires coming to a close. The non-fans cry of joy over not having to hear “Team Edward” anymore. Either way, there are a lot of tears.
The second half of Breaking Dawn begins with Bella (Kristen Stewart), turned vampire. With eyes of a golden copper tone, skin of sparkle, and a bite that can kill – Kristen Stewart looks the part.
Besides the clothes being really classy looking, the artistic direction of this movie is horrible. The use a computer-generated six-month baby looked extremely unrealistic.
Not to mention the strange sequence of nature shots at the beginning. The opening and closing credits for this movie were just about as long as the movie itself. The only thing good about the credits was their font choice. It was literally a sequence of nature shots in red, white, and black and white for 10 minutes. Don’t know what the artistic director was trying to do there because it didn’t set the tone or anything.
Moving on, the Twilight franchise needs to fix their green screens, as when Edward and Bella were running through the forest they were not properly blended into the background. Therefore, the scene was very difficult to look at.
Speaking of blending, there were some seriously issues in with the film’s transitions. There needed to be some transition moments between subjects and scenes within the movie. It was better towards the end in that sense, but the beginning was rough.
The final installment deviates from the book resulting in a harsh plot twist. Your face will turn red, your heart will stop, and steam will come out of your ears, but the biggest problem with the twist is that they could not even commit to the twist. About three quarters of the way through the movie the writers make you almost fall out of your seat. The shock that hits when their twist is revealed is heart breaking. What this twist does though is change the whole ending to the series. You sit at the edge of your seat in horror as it continues to be a murderous twist away from Stephanie Meyer’s original work. However though, by the end everything it restored… except that twenty minutes of a teasing twist that you will never get back. What was disappointing was the lack of commitment. Whether you like the twist or not, it’s better to commit with it rather than not – and that’s what makes the audience upset.
Stephanie Meyer, although you may not be as clever as J.K. Rowling, you sure did keep people entertained for years. You gave people lovable characters such as Edward, Jacob, Alice and Carlise, in which will be forever remembered. Breaking Dawn: Part II brought mixed emotions and some strange visuals for the audience that will always be in your heads as the “last Twilight movie.” Between the sparkles, blood, and love – the final movie ended on a beautiful note, giving us the final end to a beautiful love story.

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