Emertainment Monthly Casts “Fifty Shades of Grey” The Movie

Emily Grossberg ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff


Photos via Fanpop.com
Photos via Fanpop.com

Alexis Bledel  vs Emmy Rossum 

Alexis Bledel – Many fans are rooting for the Twilight franchise’s Kristen Stewart to portray the female lead (don’t forget these books were created as Twilight fan fiction), and with flat and dull acting chops like hers, it only seems natural that she’d be cast as the personality-less Anastasia Steele. However, I’m hoping for the talented Alexis Bledel. The girl has proved she can act with her longtime show Gilmore Girls and she definitely has the look to be a believable unsuspecting-virgin-turned-sex goddess. Her previous acting experience will definitely help transform this lifeless character into a sexy yet relatable woman that everyone will be dying to see.

Emmy Rossum – In the books, Anastasia (otherwise known as Ana) Steele is a mousy little bookworm with an unknown taste for powerful men. When she meets the mysterious Christian Grey during an interview for her school’s paper, she has no idea what she’s getting herself into. Emmy Rossum has that perfect mix of shy-girl-innocence. With movies like Phantom of the Opera and The Dau After Tomorrow, proved she can hold her own in the Hollywood world. However, I feel despite her young age, she looks a little old to be playing 22-year-old Ana.

WINNER – Alexis Bledel


Photos via Fanpop.com
Photos via Fanpop.com

Henry Cavill vs. Matt Bomer

Henry Cavill – There’s no way any woman would be able to resist the Man of Steel’s structured jaw, thick hair and just the right amount of stubble. He’s not the most famous of the Christian Grey candidates but he’s certainly the best image of what the sexually magnetic Christian should be. His acting skills aren’t so shabby either (check him out in The Tudors). I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing him shirtless in the Red Room of Pain.

Matt Bomer – Many words can be used to describe Matt Bomer: Hot, Hotter, and On-Fire are just some of them. His dark looks are the epitome of Christian Grey. While Bomer may not have as much acting experience as Henry Cavill, he did an excellent job of portraying a jerk on Glee, which is definitely one of Christian’s multiple attitudes. However great Henry Cavill can be, I don’t think anything can beat Bomer’s smoldering looks.

WINNER – Matt Bomer


Photos from: sengook.com and picstopin.com.
Photos from: sengook.com and picstopin.com.

Michelle Pfeiffer vs Julianne Moore

Michelle Pfeiffer – The actress who will play Christian’s experienced former lover needs to have a powerful presence not only in sex appeal but in attitude as well. That’s why I’ve decided that Michelle Pfeiffer would be an excellent addition to the 50 Shades cast. The 54-year old has certainly wowed audiences across the world with Dangerous Minds and Hairspray. The former beauty queen definitely has the looks that would spark jealousy among Ana and allure Christian, and her flirtatious ways and biting acting ability will make her a delight to watch on screen.

Julianne Moore – Few actresses have the acting breadth and talent that compares to Julianne Moore. She impressed viewers as the lesbian mother in The Kids are Alright and a frigid 1950’s housewife in Far from Heaven. She’s been nominated for multiple Oscars and Golden Globes and no doubt has the talent to morph into any character. However, despite her being younger than Michelle Pfeiffer, she appears to look older than her. Also, I feel like the 50 Shades movie isn’t as serious as the usual project that Moore typically chooses. I couldn’t quite see her playing the sexual prowess that is Elena Lincoln, nor could I see her with platinum blond hair like this alter-ego.

WINNER – Michelle Pfeiffer



Photos from examiner.com and instyle.com.
Photos from examiner.com and instyle.com.

Ashley Greene vs Dianna Argon

Ashley Greene – Ana is always surprised that someone like Christian would ever fall for her instead of someone like Kate. So who would play the ethereal Katherine Kavanaugh? None other than Twilight’s Ashley Greene, of course! She’s not the best actress in the world, but hey, slap her with some blond hair dye and put her in a tight tank top and no one will focus too much on her acting abilities. The gorgeous gal most certainly has enough spunk to play the stereotypical girls-just-want-to-have-fun best friend and isn’t a big enough star where she’d outshine the leading lady.

Dianna Argon – Anastasia’s much hotter best friend and roommate fortuitously falls ill on the day she is supposed to interview billionaire tycoon Christian Grey and hands over the assignment to Ana. Someone so worshiped could be portrayed by Glee star Dianna Argon. While she’s on the shorter side, she’d definitely be whip up enough snap and charisma to able play the beautiful Kavanaugh. However, I find her to be a bit flat in her acting at times and I don’t see her being an intimidating force like Kate is in the book. Maybe if I could just stop seeing her in that silly cheerleading uniform…

WINNER – Ashley Greene



Photos from glee.wikia.com and imdb.com.
Photos from glee.wikia.com and imdb.com.

Mark Salling vs Tyler Blackburn

Mark Salling – Another Glee alumn! Jose Rodriguez is Ana’s sexy Latino best friend, who’s love for Ana sparks the jealous ire of Christian Grey. Salling has got that Latino-manliness that can be either edgy or sweet enough to play the lovesick best friend. His former time on Glee definitely proves that he’s got talent, but he may be a little old to play a 22-year old character.

Tyler Blackburn – Anatomically speaking, the hunky Pretty Little Liars star has the perfect appeal to play Ana’s best friend. He’s just young and fresh-faced enough to play the just-out-of-college Latino photographer. He’s a total cutie on ABC Family and (with a little help from facial hair and a Spanish accent), I’m sure would be able to have great chemistry with whoever is cast as Ana.

WINNER – Tyler Blackburn

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