Review: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Daniella Cuencas ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff

Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton star in “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters”. AP PHOTO/PARAMOUNT PICTURES.
Let’s start this review off on a positive note. One of the things I found that were at least good about this movie was Jeremy Renner, Hansel,  and Gemma Arterton, Gretel. Both of these actors as well as some of the supporting cast, which included Famke Janssen helped make this movie at least entertaining instead of dreadful. All of these actors really tried their hardest to make this movie as interesting as possible. If it were not for these actors the movie would have been a complete tragedy and a waste of time.
First and foremost the plot was terrible. The storyline was boring and never left the audience in suspense. I reached the answer to the questions in the movie before the actors did. The idea itself of Hansel and Gretel becoming witch hunters could have been awesome but the execution was lacking because of several plot holes. At the end of the movie, I exited the theatre trying to understand the purpose of several characters, actions, and overall ideas of the movie. Many of the actions of the characters are redundant to the purpose of their mission.
Another problem with the movie was the dialogue. It lacked any sort of actual conversation. The entire movie had clichéd dialogue or lines that were averse to the time period. The main characters cursed, which is fine, but completely not a part of the time period the film took place in. The main villain was as clichéd as ever because as she was beating up her foes, she liked to talk about her plan and everything that she was going to do.
Thirdly, the time period inconsistency was unbelievably annoying. At one point, Hansel and Gretel obtain huge machine guns and are always pictured with several revolvers. This seems out of place because the movie is set in a time in history when many women were being placed on trial for witchcraft. Another tidbit is that this movie had many modern problems in it that would never have been in a movie that took place during this time period.
The characters were weak, the two main characters were indistinguishable from any other male and female friend crime-fighting duo. Hansel was a typical guy who liked to shoot things and then meet up with the ladies later. Gretel was a typical kick ass lead female who was not afraid to get things done but was also gentle.  Both partook in witty repartee and then solved crimes by looking at the evidence. Nothing about the characters in this movie was original.
To end on a positive note, the opening and ending sequence was amazing to watch in Imax and 3D. These sequences involved articles being burned and arrows being shot at the audience. Other than these two things, I would consider this movie something to rent or watch online.

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