Review: Dark Skies

Jeffrey Limoncelli ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff

Kadan Rockett in "Dark Skies". Photo Credit:  Matt Kennedy – © 2013 - Momentum Pictures
Kadan Rockett in “Dark Skies”. Photo Credit: Matt Kennedy – © 2013 – Momentum Pictures
On the rare occasion I am watching a movie and do not want it to end, it is usually because I am enjoying everything about the story and what I am experiencing on screen. When these films end, they do so on a high note, bringing the story to a successful close. In the case of Dark Skies, I did not want it to end by the time the final scene concluded, not because I was enjoying what I was seeing, but because I could not believe I sat through the film, only for it to end on such a sour note.
Dark Skies, written and directed by Scott Stewart (director of Legion and Priest), follows the supernatural events that terrify a normal suburban family. Combine Signs, Paranormal Activity, Poltergeist, The Exorcist, and Insidious. Leave only the clichés and basic storylines. You now have Dark Skies.
This is the point in any article in which I would give details regarding the synopsis. However, if you have yet to see Dark Skies, well, you have probably seen it if you have seen any of the above horror films (or any horror film ever made). Also, considering the entire film seems to have been made to set up its sequel, it is difficult to comment on the story because it has yet to start. Although the film deserves some credit for its pacing, character development and the buildup that leads to the introduction of part two.
Unless a sequel is confirmed for Dark Skies, do not bother seeing it. Watch the trailer and you will be able to fill in the blanks. Save your $12 and enjoy a horror classic at home; a classic you will not want to end (in a good way).

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