Recap/Review: Nashville "When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts" [Spoilers]

Alicia Carroll ’16/ Emertainment Monthly Staff

NASHVILLE - "When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts" with Katie Couric and  Connie Britton. Photo Credit: ABC/LOU ROCCO.
NASHVILLE – “When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts” with Katie Couric and Connie Britton. Photo Credit: ABC/LOU ROCCO.
ABC’s Nashville returned from its mid-season hiatus on Wednesday and definitely served up plot twists out the wazoo.  For those who don’t know, Nashville is the story of a diva Pop Country star, Juliette Barns (eerily similar to Taylor Swift), and a country legend, Rayna James, cross paths, and due to the musical politics of Music City, they are forced to go on tour together. Their disdain for each other and their circumstantially entangled lives cause for some very interesting drama for the audience.
In the last episode a month ago, several major things happened. Juliet planned Deacon a surprise birthday party at the Bluebird so she can fulfill her dream of performing there. Scarlett and Gunner play for the party and impress everyone in the room to the point that Rayna considers signing them to her label. Gunner’s brother is murdered after he kicked him out for gun possession. He returns home to a worried Scarlett, and when she hears the news she consoles him…and then they sleep together, finally.
This episode begins with Deacon singing to his dog because he is whining and Deacon apparently doesn’t understand that is what dogs do sometimes. So he takes him to the vet. Deacon meets with Coleman and Coleman accuses Deacon of holding out for Rayna, instead of dating. He then asks the cute vet that looked at his dog out, and they end up sleeping together…um, excuse me, he is supposed to be with Rayna.
Scarlett and Gunner were shown in bed together the “morning after.” Scarlett tried to talk to him, but Gunner is so distraught over the death of his brother he reacts coldly and says that it doesn’t have to mean anything, and they should forget about it. (Heartbreaking, I know) The adorable duo was supposed to sing for Rayna and Marshall, the head of the record label, but Gunner was so messed up from the news of his brother, he went M.I.A. and spent the day drinking himself into an angry stupor. He misses the performance and Scarlett sings by herself.
Rayna is seen running around trying to take care of her kids, without Teddy, while still being Rayna James, and it was not going well. Rayna’s daughter Maddie is becoming a brat. All of a sudden she is really rude to Rayna and loves her Dad, but they never really explain why the sudden change. She asks to go to the mall and Rayna tells her no. She lashes out at Rayna and gets grounded.
Country starlet, Juliette Barns, tries to run with the big guns and represent herself after firing her manager. She dislikes the media roll out plan for her new show and new sound. She leaks on twitter that her “intimate” performance for her fan club is happening and basically invites the world to come. Maddie plays the “divorced parents undermining authority” trick and goes to Juliette’s performance. So many people came to see Juliette the house is overflowing with people. The kids knock over a shelving unit and it fell on Maddie. (Karma) 6 other girls got hurt as well and are sent to the hospital.
Rayna rips Juliette a new one and calls her on the phone to yell at her and tell her that she constantly “hurts everyone around her” and she needs to “wake up.” Juliette takes this to heart and decides to open up more. She takes responsibility for what happened and pays for the girls’ medical bills. She also opens up to Dante and her mom and agrees to be more cooperative with the family counseling process. Rayna reconciles with Maddie by giving Maddie her own first guitar and telling her to channel her feelings toward the divorce into music.
Teddy appoints Coleman as Deputy Mayor and tells Lamar that they will build the stadium they discussed but Teddy refuses to build it on Lamar’s land, royally screwing him over. And other than Teddy being a general douchebag, he didn’t do much else in this episode.
Meanwhile Avery is still a jerk with a bad producer. He decides to leave his producer and find a way out of his contract. He begins to play his own music again, rediscovering his true sound.
Gunner decides to be stupid and avenge his brother through vigilante justice.
Deacon and Scarlett stop him by telling him, basically, that he is dumb and this wouldn’t end well. Deacon advises him to not hold onto anger or guilt because it will only consume him. Deacon tells Gunner to hold onto Scarlett instead. (aww) After that the two lovebirds in denial make up and move on with their lives. For all you “Gunnette” fans out there, you will be happy about this one. THEY HOOK UP AGAIN!! But…you can’t even be happy about it because Rayna calls Scarlett and tells her she wants to sign her AS A SOLO ACT! Gasp “dun dun dunnnnn”
My thoughts:
Overall I would give this episode a B-, not really because it was that bad…just because I did not care for what happened at all. Other than Scarlett and Gunner, which I am convinced is, and will always be, the best storyline in the show. Aside from that, I didn’t like that Deacon has a new girlfriend that isn’t Rayna, although I saw that coming because it would be too easy if they immediately got together. I liked the fact that Juliette is opening up to the counseling, but does anyone else think that her and Dante are going to hook up?? Or is that just me?
Most of all I dislike this change in Maddie’s behavior.  It is unwarranted. She has the right to be angry, but last time I checked, she should be mad at Teddy. He is the one that asked for a divorce and he is the one that is seeing his mistress still and hired her to be on his team so they could see each other all the time. Maddie is smart so why is she acting so dumb? They turned her into a classic “divorce case” kid who acts out against her parents and plays them against each other because she can, and in the end it only hurts her…I am still trying to figure out what is going on with that one. I am happy she gave her a guitar, because that means she will sing again, soon. The whole point of casting YouTube sensations Lennon and Maisy Stella was because they are talented. And they have only sung twice on the show. And lastly, SCARLETT CANNOT BE A SOLO ACT THEY ARE A DUET FOR A REASON THEY ARE PERFECT TOGETHER!!
MVP of the Episode: Charles Esten
Well, that’s all I have to say. Tune in next week for Nashville 10pm/9c on ABC.

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