Star-Studded Film Shooting In Boston This Spring

Michelle Douvris ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Movie Editor

Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper.
Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper.
Keep your eyes peeled when you’re walking around Boston this month because you just might bump into Jennifer Lawrence or Bradley Cooper. Director David O. Russell, hot off the success of his recent film Silver Linings Playbook, decided that Bean Town was the perfect place to film his newest project, an untitled film set in the 1970’s about a con artist (Christian Bale) and his mistress (Amy Adams), who are forced to work with a federal agent (Bradley Cooper) to turn the tables on other cons, mobsters and politicians. Jeremy Renner has signed on to play a volatile New Jersey mayor and Jennifer Lawrence has a relatively small role as Christian Bale’s character’s crazy wife.
The shooting locations have varied from Beacon Hill, multiple towns outside Boston and even the Fairmont Copley Hotel. Thank goodness because the cast and crew don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. Rumors have swirled online that most of the cast has been staying at the Four Seasons Hotel right down the street from Emerson, and there have been multiple star sightings of Christian Bale at Whole Foods with his family, Bradley Cooper at the Equinox Fitness Club, and of various dinners out in the Back Bay.
A few weeks ago, the film’s base camp was actually set up on the Boston Common, directly across from Boloco. A row of trailers lined the park’s edge, and Emerson students were able to snap pics of Christian Bale and Amy Adams leaving hair and makeup.
For the rest of this week, the production is planned to shoot at the Wang Theatre, right around the Emerson campus on Tremont St. Your walk to class may have just gotten a little more interesting! If you want to stay in the loop with the production’s whereabouts, check out this website:
Who knows- you may get to witness a lover’s quarrel between Katniss Everdeen and Batman or spot Bradley Cooper in uniform!

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