Review/Recap: Nashville "I Saw the Light" [Spoilers]

Alicia Carroll ’16/ Emertainment Monthly Staff

Hayden Panettiere and Jay Hernandez in "I Saw The Light." Photo credit: ABC/Katherine Bomboy-Thornton.
Hayden Panettiere and Jay Hernandez in “I Saw the Light.” Photo credit: ABC/Katherine Bomboy-Thornton.
In this week’s episode of Nashville, not really much of consequence happened. For those of you that missed it, here is a quick recap.
We left off last week with Scarlett battling with the record deal Rayna gave her. She has been keeping it from Gunnar for weeks. Will, a new musician (a very cute one at that) moved in upstairs from Gunnar and Scarlett.  They have him over for dinner, but just before he gets there, Gunnar finds out Scarlett kept the record deal from him. Tensions are high during dinner, but Gunnar confides in Will and they end up hitting it off. Their blossoming bromance hurts Scarlett a bit, so she calls it a night early. Gunnar and Will talk for a while and then sing together, which was beautiful.
The next day Scarlett tells Gunnar that she wouldn’t be where she was without him and she isn’t going to take a deal without him. Later that night when Scarlett comes back Gunnar is honest with her that he wasn’t angry that she got the deal without him, but that she wasn’t comfortable enough with their relationship to tell him about it. He points out that his a better man than Avery was and he will support her no matter what. Then he drops the big L and tells her he loves her!! She reciprocates and they live happily ever after for this episode!
Meanwhile, Rayna and Juliette’s tour picks back up again. Rayna brings her daughters and Tandy along for that leg of the tour.  Maddie and Daphne decide that they want to sing professionally like their mother. Rayna is reluctant to let them because she doesn’t want the business to ruin them so early on in their lives. She is especially hesitant because her daughters are very talented, and she knows they could get signed if they tried.  She decides to give them a small slice of the showbiz life and lets them sing their cover of “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers for sound check. The girls are thrilled and that story line also ends in a neat little bow.
Deacon invites his new girlfriend on tour with him. They are happy as can be, even around Rayna. Deacon feels a bit awkward being so open about his new relationship with her, but Rayna shows her support and the weirdness blows over. His new girl, however, finds out that he has history with both of the headliners (oops). Deacon tells her that “it is history” and she has nothing to worry about. After thinking about how serious their relationship is, Deacon talks to her about leaving the road and settling down. He says there is plenty for him to do in Nashville without touring, and he doesn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. She is elated with the news and they share a disgustingly adorable moment.
Juliette is trying to be a more “zen” human being…and it is sort of working. Dante is helping her mother and Juliette work out their issues and Dante ends up coaching Juliette more than he should. Juliette is trying to take responsibility for her own actions and career and become more professional. Dante uses his business skills to help Juliette impress a company to back her album for their media rollout.  She gets the deal and is as happy as could be. Her mom seems to believe that all she cares about is money and success. She gets angry and leaves in a storm. Juliette is upset that that is what her mother thinks of her so she dedicates her new single to her mother at her next performance, and everything seems okay. Later at the hotel Juliette seduces Dante. He is reluctant at first because it would be inappropriate and Juliette does a Jedi mind trick to use his own advice to her to apply to the situation. Somehow it works and they end up hooking up. No ramifications yet, so this also ends well.
Lastly Teddy is shady enough to have Peggy come over his house so they can fool around in secret. Lamar shows up while Teddy isn’t there and blackmails Peggy into trying to convince Teddy to put the stadium on Lamar’s land. Lamar uses the fact that Peggy is the one that leaked all of the divorce lies to the tabloids-girl is crazy- to get her to do what he wants. She goes along with it, but Teddy refuses to budge. He doesn’t want to be involved with Lamar at all.  Also, good. So far no issues until…
At the end of the episode we see Lamar in his study, he takes a drink of something and starts choking and…dies…I think.  It looks like he was poisoned. Suspense!!
This episode gets a solid B. It had a lot of adorable developments between the characters, and more singing, which I love. As I was watching it seemed a bit off…nothing had bust into flames there was no catastrophes. I knew something big had to happen so Lamar being poisoned at the end was exactly what I was waiting for. Whether he dies or not, something like that is going to bring all the characters that hate each other together, and secrets will come out. The next episode is sure to be a doozy.
MVP: Sam Palladio aka Gunnar, with a close second from Lennon and Maisy Stella aka Maddie and Daphne!
Tune into ABC at 10/9c for next week’s episode!

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