Review/Recap: Scandal "Molly, You in Danger Girl" [Spoilers]

Alicia Carroll ’16/ Emertainment Monthly Staff

Kerry Washington and Katie Lowes in "Molly, You in Danger, Girl." Photo Credit: ABC/Richard Cartwright.
Kerry Washington and Katie Lowes in “Molly, You in Danger, Girl.” Photo Credit: ABC/Richard Cartwright.
Okay, so here is the thing that you should know about Scandal if you do not watch it: it will ruin you. Scandal fans everywhere are tweeting up a storm expressing their lack of emotional stability after this week’s episode. For those of you that missed it, here is a quick recap of the drama.
Jake Ballard, Olivia’s military boyfriend has broken into Olivia’s apartment, yet again, and reinstalled the video feeds purposefully so Olivia’s team doesn’t catch on to him.  He calls her-while he is in her apartment installing things to spy on her with, which is just creepy-to set up their next date. Olivia postpones plans again, because she is swamped with work.
The wife of Osborne, who was last seen shot dead in a car by Jake and staged as a suicide, comes to Olivia to prove her husband was murdered and framed to clear his name.  Jake and his shady mystery man are aware that Olivia and her team know that Osborne wasn’t the intelligence leak and he was framed. Jake says he will “take care of it.” Jake finally has Olivia over for their date and Jake somehow convinces Olivia to turn off her phone, which never happens and is an immediate indication to the audience that something bad will happen. And something bad does happen, they sleep together, and we all know she is meant to be with Fitz so this is, in fact, bad news.
Meanwhile, the gladiators are hard at work trying to get to the bottom of the Osborne murder. They find out that their source, Molly, was paid to tell them Osborne was the leak. David pulls some strings and gets her detained at the airport. They ask her enough questions to know she was threatened into lying. After her conversation, the next day they learn she was murdered.  They found a storage unit in the name of the “albatross.” Huck and Quinn go to check it out but Huck is ambushed and locked away.
**Side note, Huck’s life sucks, first he is wrongly accused of trying to assassinate the president and tortured for days, then he gets better and is bludgeoned and locked in a trunk…
Quinn uses all of the skills Huck has been teaching her to find him. When she finally does find him he is bloody and tied up in a trunk. When they get back to the office he huddles up in fetal position in a corner and doesn’t speak to anyone.
In the White House, Fitz and Mellie have their first, post assassin attempt interview and they put on their fake charm and tell the story of how they met. Fitz later reveals that their story wasn’t so picture perfect. It was basically an arranged marriage, which his father orchestrated with her father, purposefully setting it up so that they would meet by “chance.” Fitz is jaded from the constant lying to the public to keep up a picture perfect front for his constituents. Cyrus is having relationship issues and Fitz advises him to not give up, and fix it in whatever way possible.
Back to Olivia, when she is at Jake’s apartment she stumbles upon the TV feed of the cameras in her apartment. Jake tries to convince her it’s not what she thinks and she makes a run for it. He catches her and pins her down, but she hits her head and begins to bleed. She asks him what he is trying to do and he says protect her, and points her toward the strange figure lurking in her apartment when she is not home.  She then loses consciousness.
Here is where it gets really heartbreaking…. Quinn finds the guy who attacked Huck and it is revealed to be Charlie, Huck’s old special unit teammate and Cyrus’s “guy.” His P.I., his assassin, his everything, who coincidentally calls Cyrus as he is leaving the storage unit place saying there, has been a development. Olivia’s team deduces that whoever attacked Huck also killed Molly, Wendy, and Osborne and is working for Albatross. The audience is then massively confused because until now, we thought Jake was working with Albatross, but if Charlie is working for Albatross and he called Cyrus, then is Cyrus Albatross?!?! We just don’t know what to think or feel anymore…I give up.
Jake takes Olivia to the hospital and she had a bad concussion.  Jake tells her that she cant tell anybody that they have met before, and she should pretend like she doesn’t know him.  Then Fitz walks into the room and thanks Jake for taking care of her. Olivia is, of course, confused because she did not know Jake was hired by Fitz to keep tabs on her. Fitz then comes into the room and hugs Olivia, both confusing and hurting Jake because he actually likes her!! *Cue heart shattering into a million pieces*
Okay so there are no words to describe how I feel after this episode. How is Olivia going to react when she finds out Fitz hired Jake to keep tabs on her? How is Jake going to react when he finds out Fitz and Olivia having past? How is Fitz going to react when he finds out Jake and Olivia are dating? And who is the albatross?! We don’t know. I haven’t had this many questions since my last calculus test, I cannot make sense of any of it, which is why I will be waiting the excruciatingly long three weeks to see the next episode…it’s like the torture us on purpose.
Grade: solid A.
MVP of the Episode: Fitz aka Tony Goldwyn aka “The man.”

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