E3 2013: “Project Spark” – Collective Creativity

Ashley Crocker ’15 / Emertainment Monthly Staff

  Project Spark, via gamefly.com

Project Spark, via gamefly.com

The new fantasy game creator Project Spark was highlighted recently at Microsoft’s press conference at E3. Specially catered toward social gaming, Project Spark lets you create your own world in mere minutes: you chose the world, the mood, and the enemies, and then you play. When a friend joins, they can jump into the creativity too – all in real time!

The Project Spark demo included incorporated voice command with the build in Kinect and touch controls using SmartGlass.

Project Spark looks like a fun hands on game that will thrill the creative gamer. Its hands-on world building is its major appeal and the added ability to play in that world makes it even more fun! Plus, having your friends modify your world during game play gives Project Spark the ultimate multiplayer experience. It was one of the most innovative, unique, and interesting games revealed at Microsoft’s E3 conference. With the power of a game designer at your hands, who knows, we might be looking at the gaming world’s next Minecraft.

Project Spark will be released on Xbox One and Windows 8.

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