True Blood Recap: "The Sun"

Alexis Bradley ’17/ Emertainment Monthly Writer

 Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) is tucked in bed while the contract that supposedly gives her to Warlow glows beside. It  cuts to a scene on a bridge where someone is struggling through an invisible force field. They break through and we see a figure with long black hair acting as curtains around his face, a hat, and more importantly fangs.  I can only guess who THAT might be.

Jason (Ryan Kwanten) is still heading for the ditch when the strange man who had been in the car with him moments before, saves him. As it turns out he is not Warlow. (Yeah I casted my chips too soon on that one. Sorry True Blood writers, should have given you more credit than that.) No, Warlow claims to be good ole grandpa Niall Brigant (Rutger Hauer). He is severely disappointed in Jason spilling out his whole life story to a stranger and tells him to pull himself together. Seriously, it’s about time someone told Jason to get his crap together; so sick of him gaining all this character development only to lose it in the next season. Jason and Niall enter Sookie’s house. There’s a portal in her bedroom and Niall jumps through it to see if Warlow broke through. He falls back through, saying things are “worse than he thought.”

Back at Fangtasia, a shot Tara (Rutina Wesley) lays on the bar while Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten), and Nora (Lucy Griffiths) inspect the wound. Once Eric finally pulls the bullet out of his granddaughter they discover that it’s made of silver and is also emitting UV rays. This heightens Pam’s fear over this potentially dangerous new weapon, and she starts to blame Nora for everything; but Erics yells at them, telling them to find an answer in the vampire Bible.

 Meanwhile Billith (Stephen Moyer) is having visions of vampires being tortured and tormented while falling in a trance. Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) tries to help him. In his trance he is led by three women covered in gore to Lilith (dressed for once) who tells him that “it is beginning.”

A pissed Arlene (Carrie Preston) calls Sookie and tells her that she’s late for work. She hangs up and she and Terry (Todd Lowe), as tense as Maggie (Rebecca McFarland), Patrick’s (Scott Foley) wife, comes in. Arlene tells her that he ran off. Talk about looking after your fellow sex.

 Sookie however gets distracted on her way to work when she discovers a fellow half fae named Ben who is injured. She takes him to her house. The two half faes bond with each other while she heals him. They head off to the Fairy Club and Ben tries to ask Sookie out, but she feels like it’s too soon and thinks about Bill. Ben picks up on her thought and asks her who Bill is. Sookie leaves, claiming she “shouldn’t be taking walks with handsome strangers. It never ends well.” Yeah Sookie, I would leave too if some sketchy random stranger was reading my mind. But hey! We’re learning from our past mistakes. To be honest I feel like “Ben” is a lot more suspicious than that vampire that popped up on the bridge.

Sam (Sam Trammell) calls Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) back to Merlottes to check up on Emma. The duo is apparently having a dress up party, both looking fabulous. It’s nice to see his character going back to his old sassy ways. But this adorable moment ends when a woman tells Sam she knows he’s a shifter. Nicole Wright (Jurnee Smollet-Bell) along with her other two pals at the bar, is from L.A and is the founder of a vampire-human society. She wants him to “come out as a shifter.” And yes, I can already tell that this one is going to annoy me. Sam, despite her speech of civil rights, denies her.

 Jessica slaps Billith out of his trance. Veronica (Marina Benedict) from “human edibles”, a blood hooker, enters the house. When Billith is unresponsive she leaves, but her body gets summoned back, and Billith pours all of her blood into his, leaving her dead on the floor.

Speaking of troubled daddies, Andy Bellefluer (Chris Bauer) is having some trouble of his own. He heads to the fairy club with his now even bigger girls, begging for help as he stomps around an empty field.

Back at Fangtasia, Nora is pouring over the words of the vampire Bible once again. She discovers a misinterpretation, and leaves to find more information. A disgruntled Pam, still reeling over Eric’s treatment, snaps at her. However, Nora tells Pam that he loves her, and that she knew of Pam because  Eric talked of her “often and fondly”. She also says that she was only kept a secret from Pam to keep her safe. It’s nice to see Nora making an effort to help Pam feel better. I want them to all be one big happy vampire family. The dynamics amuse me.

A disguised Eric (wearing wire glasses and everything) goes into the governor’s mansion, because hey, nobody messes with his family. Burrell (Arliss Howard) however, thinks he’s having a meeting with someone from DEP. The scene is pretty hilarious as we see the dialogue that progresses between the two of them. Eric attempts to glamour him but the governor is wearing special contact lenses. He calls for the guards but gets away. Afterwards Eric hovers outside the building and gets let in by the governor’s daughter Willa Burrell (Ameila Rose Blaire).

 Arriving back at home Sookie see’s Jason and gets introduce to her granddad Niall. They have a spaghetti dinner as Jason explains what happened while Sookie was gone and that he’s tracking Warlow. He tells them that Warlow is here. Niall is actually their great-grandfather and more importantly, king of their fae tribe. He claims that they are the first of their kind. Not only is Sookie a fairy but she’s also a fairy princess. Warlow is obsessed with their family and as a result has killed most of their members.

 In order to defeat him there is a “power within the fae of our blood line,” Niall says. They can channel the light from the energy into a light ball that will go “supernova” when it encounters a vampire. However, because Sookie is only part fae, she can only use it once. Then, all her powers will be gone and she will no longer be fae. Hello, hugely important plot point!

 After being absent for the most of the episode, which I must admit has been nice, the werewolves are back! Alcide (Joe Manganiello) Martha (Dale Dickery) and Danielle (Jamie Grey Hyder) come to Sam’s for Emma. I don’t really care how handsome Alcide is; his character is definitely losing some points with me.  They get into a heated argument. Sam refuses to give Emma up, trying to hold onto Luna’s promise. The argument erupts into a fight, and though Lafayette tries to stop them they get away.

As with the previous episode, this one ends centered on Billith. An upset Jessica attempts to pray to him, thinking that he maybe God. She begs him to look after her friends. As she mentions all of their names the episode cuts to their shots. Bill wakes up to see news footage of a vampire being dragged behind a truck. Jessica realizes that it’s the same scene Bill described when he was having his vision. He can see the future. He has another vision of a bunch of vampires trapped in a room being streamed sunlight. “We’re all going to burn,” he utters.

This episode is a lot less busy than the season premiere; which is probably due to the fact that the werewolves are hardly in it. Andy is barely in the episode as well, only having a slight cameo. It’s nice and allows for a little more breathing room. I was completely wrong about the Warlow thing, though. Creepy suspicious old dude turns out to be fairy king. It’s funny, though, seeing Sookie go from a waitress to some royal magical creature.  “The Sun” had a lot of comical moments, between seeing Lafayette bond with Emma, Eric’s nerd attire and Jason’s excitement at maybe being a fairy prince, there were a few good laughs to be had. It also ended with a great cliffhanger as well.   To see what happens next on this never-ending whirlwind of a show, be show to tune into the next episode Sunday at 9/8c on HBO.

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