Twisted Recap/Review: Who is the Real Socio?

Alicia Carroll ’16/ Emertainment Monthly Writer
ABC Family’s Twisted returned this week with Regina’s murder case hanging in a balance. For those that missed the new developments, here is a quick recap.
We left off last week with the fallout from the worst family dinner in history. The main development was when Danny destroyed every photo of his Aunt Tara after fear of Jo’s father, aka Police Chief Masterson, realized Regina’s necklace might have been Tara’s. We are still left with the big question: did Danny kill Regina? It’s definitely a conundrum because all the evidence points to yes. But some new developments in this episode may or may not change that.
Although tensions ran high in the last episode, all parties involved seemed to have calmed down. Chief Masterson stops by the Desai household to apologize to Karen for his behavior at their dinner, and also ask about the missing photos of Tara.  Karen simply told him to talk to her lawyer. When Karen asks Danny about destroying the photos, he denied it, which doesn’t exactly give him more credibility in the audience’s eyes.  Later in the episode Danny admits to destroying the photos, but he says it’s because its morbid to keep them, and they are preventing him from moving forward.
Lacey is nervous for her meeting at the police department to give her statement for what happened the night of Regina’s murder. Chief Masterson already knew she was at Danny’s that night, but she swore she was sound asleep the entire night, which is not much of an alibi.  Lacey isn’t quite warming up to Danny despite his unsuccessful attempts to bury the hatchet with Archie, to prevent further quarrels…don’t worry, the metaphorical hatchet wasn’t a murder weapon… (Too soon?)
At the diner, Danny makes a comment about Jo and Rico, saying that all they do is go to school and study. Jo feels that her life is boring and decides to branch out, in service of Danny. She figures if she can somehow talk to Regina’s friends she can figure out something about who could have killed her.  She switches lab partners in science and ends up with Sarita and Scott. Rico ends up with a very talkative member of the group, but he stuck through it.
As an effort to branch out and be closer to Lacey and her friends, Jo and Danny join the crew for the sobriety assembly play. No one is all that happy that they are there, but the production needed help.  Sarita, Archie and Lacey were the actors but the script was terrible. Danny decides to write a better version and propose it to Phoebe, the director. She agrees to use the new script, make Danny the assistant director, and make Jo the lead character, kicking Sarita out. Archie quits two minutes before curtain and refuses to work with Danny, forcing Danny to perform the lead role. Lacey, Jo, and Danny perform together and we slowly realize the skit is an allegory for the relationship between the three of them. Lacey is affected by the theme of forgiveness. It was all very heartwarming until the PSA video came on. Sarita, in her bitterness, made an auto tune video of Jo with her speech in defense of Danny and clips of her drunken night of fun.  Lacey reprimands Sarita for doing something so cruel, but Sarita doesn’t show much remorse.
Danny goes to Archie and asks for a truce. Archie seemingly agrees but warns Danny that he is never going to fit in. The two seemed to finally work it out and Danny decides to join the soccer team. They aren’t painting each other’s nails and gabbing about the Bachelorette yet, but at least they aren’t fighting.
Rico’s new lab partner’s inability to stop talking seemed to work out in their favor.  Even though Archie claimed to be at home, resting for his soccer game the next day, he apparently borrowed Scott’s car for the whole night. They begin to wonder why he lied.
Chief Masterson thought his lead with the necklace hit a dead end when he couldn’t find the photo of Tara, but after going through a box of old photos, he finds a picture of a birthday party that Tara attended. She was wearing the necklace in the photo., and his case suddenly has found a new direction…uh-oh.
Being the information-withholding torture artists the writers are, they conveniently ended the episode with that. We will find out next week what Chief Masterson decides to do with that information, and hopefully find out what Archie is hiding.  As far as theories go, I think Danny joined the team to get to know Archie better. If Danny really didn’t kill Regina, then maybe he thinks Archie did. There are a lot of unanswered questions but, for now, that is as far as I can go with my assumptions. Tune into ABC Family on Tuesdays at 9pm EST for more Twisted.
MVP: Grey Damon, as Archie. After this episode, I am starting to wonder if Archie is the real socio…

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