New Super Smash Bros. Part Two – On the Bubble

Gavin Gronenthal ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff
Part two begins! For the second entry in the series, I’ll be focusing on characters that are on the bubble for returning. Remember, the rules from last time still apply: this is based on facts and theories, not press releases. Nothing I’m saying is from Nintendo or Sakurai, just from my own ideas. Now, let’s see who’s return is on the fence.

Captain Falcon

When I say on the bubble for Captain Falcon, I mean that he is very close to being a guarantee, but not quite there yet. He has four things going for him. One, he is one of the original twelve characters. Two, he’s basically created his own internet meme with his signature move, the Falcon Punch. Three, F-Zero had a mini game in the recent Wii U launch title Nintendo Land. And four, he’s spawned his own clone through Ganondorf, which (regardless of a move change or not) would be weird to have his clone in the game, but not him. The biggest thing Falcon has going against him is that his own series has not had an entry since 2004, before Brawl even came out. So while he may not be a guarantee, he’s still got a decent shot.

Mr. Game and Watch

Ah, Game and Watch. Nintendo has a deep love for showing off it’s rich history, and it does it better than anywhere else in the Smash Bros series. Game and Watch was Nintendo’s first character, and only makes it on the bubble list because he’s such an oddball choice, who obviously hasn’t had a game in decades. But, he also has the benefit of a Nintendo Land entry, and is a great sight gag character, so while he may not make it, his chances still don’t look half bad at all.


Now, hold on a minute. Let me explain. I am not saying that a character from the Pikmin series won’t return, nor am I saying the Pikmin themselves won’t. I’m just saying that Olimar himself may not be taking the controls. Pikmin 3 is arriving on the scene very soon, but sadly Olimar is no longer the hero of the strange and tiny other wordly expeditions. One of the other protagonists (Alph, Brittany, or Charlie) may be the representative this time, as two characters would be a bit excessive for the Pikmin series. However, Olimar is the most recognizable character, and he does make an appearance in the multiplayer mode of Pikmin 3, so there’s no reason to rule him out just yet.

Ice Climbers

Much like Mr. Game and Watch, the Ice Climbers represent some of Nintendo’s vast history. However, also like Mr. Game and Watch, our explorers haven’t had a game to themselves in quite some time. Though they have a lot going for them, that fact alone may be enough to phase them out, especially since they don’t have a mini game of their own in Nintendo Land. But, never say never: these guys have been in since Melee, and they still have a decent shot at returning.


Honestly, the only reason Sonic is on the bubble is because Sakurai himself said that they weren’t trying to focus too hard on third party characters. That being said, with the amount of press Sonic received in his first appearance, plus the amount that Mega Man is receiving now that he’s in the next Smash Bros just might be enough to get Sega’s mascot back in the fight.


Ness is a curious case. He’s one of the original twelve, which definitely can’t hurt his chances, but he’s also the star of a game series that all but died over a decade ago. However, Earthbound is going to be released for the first time on virtual console at the end of the year, which should be able to put Ness up for a higher consideration. Still, one has to be cautious, as you never know what Sakurai is thinking.


The other pink puffball of the group is certainly one to watch out for. Jiggly has both ups and downs: on one hand she’s hilarious, and a member of the original twelve. On the other, she has no real significance in the world of Pokémon, and people have actually gone out of their way to get her removed. I sincerely hope not, as Jigglypuff has always been a source of amusement, and that’s really what Smash Bros is all about: serious battles with goofy characters.


Wait, what?! Mewtwo?! That’s right ladies and gents, Sakurai himself mentioned that they were “thinking about” putting everyone’s favorite legendary Pokemon back into the arena. With what looks like a new form appearing in Pokemon X and Y and a return in the animated series, it looks like Mewtwo’s chances are certainly getting better as the days continue. However, there’s no guarantee he will return, and simply willing it to happen may just be enough to get our hopes crushed.


Oh, R.O.B. Such a strange, out of left field choice, but the Robotic Operating Buddy still managed to shine just a little. He’s a unique character, which is great, but he also suffers from being a character that represents a stranger chapter of history for Nintendo. And as a joke character, R.O.B. just isn’t up to date or funny enough to compete with the likes of the Wii Fit Trainer or the Villager, both of whom look hysterical in their own rights. There’s still a little hope, however, so don’t count him out just yet.


Snake is so, so close to a guaranteed no. The guy is not only a third party character, but also hasn’t even appeared on a Nintendo console system since 2004. Though his series lives on in other systems, it’s very hard to see him return to Smash Bros. However, there is still hope: that character did garner a lot of excitement in his initial announcement last time (although it was later overshadowed by Sonic), Metal Gear Solid 3 did receive a re-release on the 3DS last year, and the fact that he wasn’t included in Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale (despite the fact he’s been on Sony consoles pretty consistently) may point to his return. Never say never, folks, but just be careful not to guarantee his safe return.
Coming up is part 3, “KO’s!” 

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