More Answers Lead to More Questions: Twisted Recap

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ABC Family’s hit new mystery, Twisted, brought in some major relationship developments, but left Regina’s (Karynn Moore) murder case up in the air. For those of you that missed it, here is a quick recap.

We left off last week knowing that Danny (Avan Jogia) burned the pictures of his Aunt Terra to destroy evidence of Regina’s missing necklace belonging to her. Chief Masterson found a picture of Terra in his garage and is using it to connect Danny to the murder. Meanwhile, Danny joined the soccer team, despite knowing Archie (Grey Damon) hates him and lied about his alibi to the police.

After school, Jo (Maddie Hasson) had an awkward run in with Lacey (Kylie Bunbury) and her mother, Judy (Robin Givens), at a local shopping center. Judy begins to talk about the “good ol’ days,” in spite of Lacey’s clear opposition to the topic. In an attempt to bring the girls back together, Judy invited Jo to a sleepover with Sarita (Jamila Velazquez) and Phoebe (Brittany Curran). Lacey has to beg Sarita to attend after she finds out Jo was coming. Neither Phoebe, nor Sarita are exactly Jo’s biggest fan. To add to an already awkward situation, Jo is not very good at the whole “girl bonding” thing and apparently has the social skills of a spoon.

After a halfway decent soccer practice, Danny is feeling like he is beginning to be accepted by the team. He decides to have a “guys night” with Rico (Ashton Moio) at the diner. The entire soccer team then walks into the diner, clearly leaving Danny out of their plans. Danny and Rico don’t let it get to them and leave the diner with dignity. Rico, being the weird little man that he is, made the encounter way more awkward than necessary, but they escaped unscathed nevertheless.

Meanwhile, Tess (Kimberly Quinn) tries to reach out to Karen (Denise Richards) to help deal with the fallout from their dinner. All the other soccer moms aren’t exactly being cordial toward her after Regina’s murder. Tess convinces Karen to go to a charity luncheon for the school to begin to re-join society. Karen, Tess, and Judy were having a lovely time until Regina’s mother comes in. Karen approaches her to offer her condolences for her loss. Gloria (Jessica Tuck) responds by telling Karen she is going to make sure Danny goes back to jail for the rest of his life for killing her Daughter…awkward.

Danny is starting to get on good terms with the team. They were hesitant at first, but when they saw how good he was they stopped freezing him out. Archie feels threatened, so he gets a little frustrated. Archie refuses to pass the ball to Danny in the last 30 seconds of the game and they end up losing. Danny and the team confront Archie in the locker room after the game, disappointed that their captain would throw a game like that. Danny more or less publicly accuses Archie of murdering Regina, forcing Archie to reveal his real alibi for the party. It turns out he was borrowing Scott’s (Todd Julian) car to drive to a meeting at a different school with a better Soccer team (Why the meeting was in the middle of the night, I do not know). Even though that means he did not kill Regina, the team wasn’t exactly happy about him ditching their team either, so they continue to give Archie the cold shoulder.

Regina’s mom left a box of Regina’s stuff for Lacey before the party, but Lacey hadn’t had the chance to go through it. When everyone was asleep, Jo went looking through the box and found a DVD soccer reel Regina made for Archie. It looked like a normal reel, but some of Regina’s embellishments made it seem like he and Regina were more than friends. Apparently Regina’s relative worked at the school Archie was looking at for soccer and Regina made the reel to help him out. When Jo figured out what happened, she returned the DVD and apologized to Lacey for stealing it.

That same day, Chief Masterson (Sam Robards) finally got the search warrant for the Desai household. They searched Danny’s house for the necklace but didn’t find anything. Danny tells Jo about the necklace and says he doesn’t have clue as to how Regina got a hold of it- It was a family heirloom. Jo thinks that they first have to figure out how Regina got the necklace after Terra died, and then figure out who has it now (cough cough, Danny Desai).

Karen is cleaning up after the search party leaves and she finds the necklace under the cup holder of Danny’s father’s chair in their living room. The police’s search was apparently not very thorough…Karen, all of a sudden, looks like she may be second guessing Danny’s innocence. Uh-oh.

So now, we can almost rule out Archie as the killer, unless he was lying to everyone…which is possible. Even though Danny is looking more and more normal, he is also looking more and more guilty. Why is he still hiding his motive for killing Terra? Why does he have the necklace if he didn’t kill Regina? If he has the necklace, then he must have gone to Regina’s at some point that night, so why did he lie about his alibi? Did he lie to Jo about the necklace? Why was Archie’s meeting with the soccer team so late at night? Don’t soccer teams practice in…ya know…daylight? So many questions!

If you want answers to these questions stirring in your head, then tune into ABC Family on Tuesday night at 9pm EST for a brand new episode of Twisted.

MVP: Rico again. He is perhaps the most awkward character ever created and I love it.

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