Rizzoli and Isles 4×03 Recap: “But I Am A Good Girl”

Serena Hope Hohenstein ‘17/ Emertainment Monthly Writer
Is it just me, or have the opening scenes of this show gotten more chilling than ever before? This week’s episode opened with a young woman apologizing to God at an altar in a church, for something that is not explained. Oh, and it’s dark, with the only light coming from candles she is burning. While she is speaking, someone approaches her from behind and strangles her. Then the murderer leaves a flashlight on the altar. Sound creepy? Well, it certainly was!
In a happier moment, we find the Rizzolis and Dr. Isles getting ready to go to the church to get TJ christened (Hmm… I wonder what they’ll find!). Of course, when all the Rizzolis are together, things often go crazy! Everyone is frantically bustling around, when Rondo, Jane’s hilarious C.I. makes an appearance to give Tommy a gift. They became best friends at a diner the week prior, Rondo and Tommy explain to Jane. As quickly as he arrives, he leaves, and the focus turns towards Frankie. Not having the usual energy he has, Jane questions him about why. Her little brother tells her that he is now a Floating Detective instead of one specifically for the Drug Unit as the BPD is making budget cuts. Jane is somewhat concerned, but picks her brother up, and off go the Rizzolis!
At the church, the audience finds out that Tommy had a little (BIG) scuffle with the priest. He ran him over, broke the priest’s legs, and spent three years in prison. Right before the event begins, a man runs into the church. Lydia (mother of Tommy’s baby) knows him. His name is Strawberry and he is her fiancé. Uh, what?! Yeah, that’s pretty much the reaction of the other people in the church. Just as Tommy and Lydia are getting into an argument, Maura smells decomposition. Jane hurries the process along and gets everyone out of the church.
The team finds the body in the baptismal font with ag-lime poured on top. It’s a product used for plants, Korsak states, leading into a side convo between he and Maura about what they garden, while Jane looks on, ready to move on with the case.
Back at the Rizzoli home, Tommy reveals to Frankie and Mrs. Rizzoli that he never got around to file custody papers. The two are outraged, especially since Lydia and her fiancé, Strawberry, are planning to move to Abilene, Texas.
In the precinct café, Jane, Frankie, and their mother discuss Tommy’s recklessness. Frankie says that Tommy got himself in this mess, and he should get himself out. He shouldn’t rely on his family every time to fix his mistakes. Jane understands, but reminds him that nobody loves TJ more than Tommy does and it would kill him if he didn’t have his little guy. Mrs. Rizzoli then gets an idea. If Tommy and Lydia get “back together” (they were never really “together” in the first place), than Lydia will stay in Boston and the Rizzolis will be able to spend time with TJ. Jane doesn’t want to be a part of the conniving, but Frankie forces her to, and the shenanigans begin.
The team is finally able to identify the victim as Isabella, the daughter of a seamstress who works at a local clothing factory. Isabella was smart, but never went to college because she was an illegal immigrant. While interviewing her mother, Maura gets some test results back showing that Isabella was four weeks pregnant. The mother is distraught and while she is crying, Jane notices a tattoo on her wrist, the same marking as on Isabella. Turns out, it’s the mark of the Four Corners gang. She explains that if the leaders of the gang mark you, you’re their property and they kill you if you try to leave before they’re finished with you. The next step for the team: Finding out who might have known Isabella was pregnant.
But, as soon as they start to find a lead, Maura reminds Jane that it’s time to meet Lydia at the house for the “Parent Trap” set-up. When Jane and Maura leave Tommy and Lydia alone in the house, they listen to the action from just outside the door. Things go downhill, and Lydia storms out.
The next day, the team interviews a “friend” of Isabella, Josie. She had a long record of criminal charges, and is a part of Four Corners. She also worked at the factory with Isabella. She tells the detectives that the leader of the gang, Tito, wanted Isabella, and when he found out, from Josie that Isabella was pregnant with another man’s baby, he forced the girls to mark her. Unfortunately for the team, Tito had a monitored ankle brace, and he was nowhere near the church on the night of the murder.
Later, the mother brings a sack of Isabella’s things that she thinks might help the detectives solve the murder. In it, they find a sweatshirt with a college name written on it. They met a guy who was attending that school while investigating at the church. He was the gardener’s son. They bring him in and interrogate him regarding what happened the night of the murder. He says he talked to Isabella in the church, but then left her there to pray. He refused to talk to them again until he got to talk to the Father. When Frost and Jane return with the Father, they open the interrogation room to find the boy hanging, but alive.
The detectives go back to the drawing board and decide to investigate the boy’s father. They find out he used to be in the gang and immediately went to him. He had told his son that he would take care of things between Isabella and the gang. What he meant was kill Isabella so that his son wouldn’t die, too. If he had let Isabella and his son run away, the gang would have found them and murdered them both.
To conclude the conniving of the Rizzoli family, Maura figured out that Strawberry had severe allergies, possibly even to dogs, which is something that Lydia wanted a lot of. So, at the house, Lydia and Strawberry are getting ready to go out for the night, leaving TJ with Jane and Maura. Then, Tommy comes in with Jo Friday. Immediately, Strawberry begins sneezing and Lydia realizes he’s allergic to dogs, ruining her fantasy. He leaves to get some relief, and Lydia is sad she has no one to go out with. Of course, Tommy offers, and the two (plus Jo Friday) leave the house for a walk, with Tommy giving one last smiling face to Jane and Maura, clearly very happy.
What do you think will happen with Lydia and Tommy? Will they get together and will TJ stay with the Rizzolis? Oh, and be sure to watch next week’s episode when Maura is arrested in thrown in jail! Say what?! See you next week! 😉

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