“It’s Such a Shame for Us to Part” – R.I.P. Cory Monteith

Serena Hope Hohenstein ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Writer
The passing of Glee star Cory Monteith is a heartbreaking tragedy. Even from the original previews for the show, people could tell that Cory and Lea would become household names. Fans would record themselves singing and dancing to Don’t Stop Believing, even before the show aired. Viewers fell in love with their voices, and they fell in love with Cory, too.
There’s a lot being said about his substance abuse, and how that caused his death, but all of that is shadowed by the fact the world lost a wonderful performer, humble soul, and loving person. We don’t know why Cory got into drugs in the first place, or why it was so hard for him to get out, but what is known by many is the fact that despite his struggles, he was a good person. It can be hard to remember nowadays. People struggle, people make poor decisions, but that doesn’t mean they’re always bad people.
Just read the outpouring love and support from the Twitter community. Michael Ausiello, head writer for TVLine, discussed his many interactions with Cory, from the first season all the way up to his untimely passing. Ausiello explained that he was “Always struck by how sweet, humble, down to earth he was. Even when Glee took off, he stayed the same.” Other co-stars and friends of Cory’s also took to Twitter to express their love of the man using words and phrases like “Hell of a friend,” “one of our best,” “Nicest guy I’ve met,” “lovely,” “incredible,” and “beautiful.”
Many of the original cast members, however, have not yet reacted publicly to the news. Representatives for Lea Michele, Cory’s love interest on screen and off, have asked that people respect her privacy during this time. Although no such remark has been made on behalf of the rest of the cast, it’s not too hard to believe they would like their privacy respected as well.
One of the most inspiring stories about him is how he got the role on Glee. Cory wanted the role so badly, but there was one thing holding him back from being the perfect candidate: he couldn’t sing. He couldn’t really dance for that matter, but that didn’t stop him from auditioning. Cory’s manager helped him make a tape of him playing the “drums” on Tupperware, mugs, and glasses, with pencils as the drum sticks. Along with his beautiful smile, the tape got him an audition at the studio, and–by then–he had worked on his singing enough to land the role of Finn. Of course, then came the dancing,yet another challenge, but he conquered that as well.
We hope the general public can remember Cory by his successes and not dwell on his faults because ultimately, that’s what Glee is about: accepting people for who they are, loving one another, supporting one another, and forgiveness. And with that, here are our top five favorite Cory performances/scenes on “Glee.”
Honorable Mentions: “Sing” and “Pretending”
5. “Keep Holding On”

  • While comforting Quinn regarding her pregnancy, New Directions performs Avril Lavigne’s hit. Cory showed a lot of vulnerability and love in this performance. The moment where he grabs Quinn’s and Rachel’s hands at the same time gives me chills.

4. “The Scientist”

  • From “The Breakup” episode, Cory performed this song with his best vocals in all of “Glee.” Once again, his vulnerability really drove this performance and made it a standout moment on the show.

3. “Faithfully”

  • From “Regional’s,” by far one of the most romantic performances of the show. Lea and Cory connected so intensely that their chemistry was radiating off the screen. Cory’s voice was so tender in this number that it made all the ladies swoon.

2. “Goodbye” Final Scene

  • Although not a song, Cory’s performance in the end of this episode was absolutely phenomenal. He allowed every emotion, every tear, to be visible to the audience and gave the best acting performance of his career. There was not a dry eye of any Gleek.

1. “Don’t Stop Believing”

  • True, this wasn’t Cory’s best vocal performance, but it showed he had a heck of a lot of heart. In this number, he shared his love for music, which in turn influenced millions of people across the world to pursue what they love. “Don’t Stop Believing” became an anthem for those who were in tough situations, or simply needed a pick-me-up, and Cory’s voice and charming personality was a part of making the song, and the emotions behind it, what it is today.

Rest in Peace, Cory.
Hollywood mourns Monteith’s sudden passing:

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