True Blood Recap/Review: "Vamp Camp"

Alexis Bradley ’17/ Emertainment Monthly Writer

True Blood is back, and things have definitely come to head this last episode. F**k The Pain Away has turned out to be an intense one indeed.

We return to our Femme Fatale Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Warlow (Robert Kazinsky). She is demanding answers from him and the ones that she gets don’t exactly leave her happy. Warlow claims that he’s been dreaming of her and tells her they’re destined to be together.

 However, Sookie isn’t ready to fall for that. She asks why he killed her parents, if he’s so in love with her.

“On the night that your parents were killed they were trying to kill you. I saved you,” is his response.

She attacks him, and Bill (Stephen Moyer) has visions of Warlow so he rushes into her house.

“Oh great now you want to save me too?” she asks, but it’s Warlow he wants.

 “As your maker I command you, come with me.” And he does.

 Andy (Chris Bauer) finds his daughter at Bill’s house, and there’s only one tinkerbell left. Sadly I don’t think squeezing our eyes shut and whispering “I do believe in fairies,” are going to bring them back. Andy replenishes the Fae’s life with V and she tells him everything that has happened. He wants revenge, but Holly (Lauren Bowles) stops him, announcing that they’re going to get through this together. I’m really glad his character isn’t just being used for comedic relief like in the previous seasons.

 Tara (Rutina Wesley) goes to Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and tells him that Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) has been taking away by the “Vamp Cop”. His solution? Turning both of them in to be taken to the camps as well. I have a feeling this decision is going to backfire on ya, Eric.

 Speaking of Pam, she’s walking around on in the camps, passing by various rooms where we can see vampires being experimented on. Fangs are being pulled out, running around on a spinning wheel and vampires are being forced to have sex with each other. “All in the name of science huh?” Pam says. Couldn’t agree with you more there, Pam.

 She’s brought to see a counselor for a therapy session, or probably just for information. The therapist is interested in learning about vampires and if she’s honest with him she’ll get a free live meal out of it. So she does, answering each question still much to her own flair. The shrink asks her about her maker. Pam tells him that she’s been released from him. That pain is a worthless emotion and though it initially hurt, she’s now over it and she says, “He’s nobody to me.” But the shrink doesn’t seem to believe her.

 Sarah (Anna Camp) tries to get an upset Burell (Arliss Howard) to agree to marry and have a kid with her. But instead he blows her off, taking Willa (Amelia Rose Blaire) to the camp with him. Now hurt, she rushes to the arms of Jason (Ryan Kwanten). This predictably leads to sex. Afterwards, though, Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) frantically comes knocking on his door while they’re both sleeping. Jason gets up and lets her in. She tells him that she’s done a horrible thing and thinks that God should strike her down. Jessica inquires if Jason ever loved her, and he says yes. However, Sarah walks out of the bedroom and resends Jessica’s invitation. The vamp police are outside waiting for her.  Sarah is pissed that Jason slept with a vampire.

 Jessica finds Tara in the camp, and states that maybe they don’t deserve to survive.

 Alcide (Joe Manganiello) and Jackson(Robert Patrick) are asking around for Sam (Sam Trammell) and Nicole ( Jurnee Smollett-Bell). Apparently it isn’t going all that great. Jackson starts questioning Alcide on why he’s so desperate to find them. Is it to impress “that piece of ass in your life?” Jackson says. Alcide throws him out of the pack and his life.

 Terry (Todd Lowe) hooks up with an old marine buddy, Justin, at Merlotte’s. Unable to the pull the trigger himself, he asks for Justin to kill him.  Justin agrees, and Terry tells him to give him a few days, and that he does not want to know when it’s coming.

 Meanwhile Sam promises Nicole that he’s going to find a way to get them out of the mess they’re in. She tries to use a payphone and Sam goes to stop her. As they’re fighting Jackson spots them from a hotel balcony.

Sookie calls Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) for help. She thinks Warlow might be telling the truth and wants to find answers, using Lafayette as a medium. He summons the spirit and she asks if they tried to kill her. She grabs onto Lafayette’s hand, which leads to a flashback of  Warlow speaking to Corbett and Michelle in their kitchen. Warlow tells them about the contract. He says when she’s of age he’ll turn her so that they can be together forever. Sookie’s father would rather her dead than a vampire and goes to try to kill her. Now in the present Lafayette’s body gets taken over by Corbett who is trying to finish what he started.

Apparently since Bill is drunk with Lilith’s blood he now shares her memories. He takes some of Warlow blood and we have a flash back going as far as 3,500 BC. Warlow is a happy fairy in Flintstone land with weird clothes and hair. While fetching water one night Lilith approaches him. She states that he is the salvation for her kind and turns him. Warlow tells Bill, “You made me into something I despise.”

Later, Warlow has a knife up to Takahashi’s threat, demanding for Bill’s release. He accuses him for being the reason why he massacred his village, unable to control himself. But Bill says that he should have listen to his warning and stayed away from them. We get another false back, this time of Warlow returning to his people after many years. He loses himself to his vampire nature and kills them all leaving a young Niall alive. Later he finds a sleeping Lilith in a cave. He opens a hole in the ceiling and kills her with the sunlight. It returns to the present and Warlow tells Bill, “you should have just stayed dead.”

 Willa is brought to the camp and is placed in her own private room. The guard offers her some perks to her new life in return for her “services”. Now angry, Willa demands that her father hears about this. The guard just shrugs her threat off, thus stating that he no longer cares about her.

 Jason leaves Sookie a voicemail. He says that he was wrong about hating on vampires and he’s going to try to make things right. Way to go Jason, stepping up and being a man. He enters the office of the anti-vampire league.

Sarah brings Burell to a room, stating that she has a present for him. The other Newlin is there. They show Eric in a circular room. Burell tells Eric that he brought Willa to the camp. Now upset, they give him a stake. Another door opens and Pam walks in, with a stake in hand as well. Sarah demands that they fight to the death.

Using Lafayette’s body, Corbett brings Sookie to the lake and starts to drown her, saying they’ll see each other soon on the other side.

Honestly I think they should have ended the episode with Pam and Eric about to face off. That would have left a bigger impact. So far this has been my favorite episode. From Pam’s speech on how pain is a worthless emotion, to Andy grieving over his daughter’s death, it’s definitely been gripping. It’s quite interesting; this episode deals with loss a lot. Warlow lose his whole village. Andy loses most of his daughters. The governor theoretically loses his own daughter, and Eric loses Pam and now is about to be forced to fight her. It shows how each of these characters deal with this loss.  I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next week!

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