SDCC ’13: Teen Wolf

Sophia Ritchie ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Writer

Closing out a long day in San Diego Comic Con’s Ballroom 20, MTV’s wildly successful foray into the supernatural Teen Wolf was the perfect conclusion to the room’s legendary first-day legacy.

The Teen Wolf panel came hot off the trails of Entertainment Weekly panel Brave New Warriors (also known as the “Hot Guy” panel, for lack of a better description.)  Tyler Posey, one of the guests for Brave New Warriors, walked right back out on stage with a smile on his face for fans, along with the rest of Teen Wolf’s cast (Crystal Reed, Dylan o’Brien, Holland Roden, Tyler Hoechlin, Daniel Sharman, and Max and Charlie Carver) and show runner Jeff Davis.

It took a little while for the panel to get going; fans couldn’t seem to stop themselves for screaming out reassuring praise (everything from, “We’re so proud of you all!” to “TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRTS!”)  The cast would thank people for their comments, frequently taking photos with their iPhones of the excited crowd.

Discussed at the panel was everything from teasers for the rest of the season to character development.  Davis promised to answer the question of character Lydia Martin’s origins in episode 9, called “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” (a direct reference to the Hitchcock film, The Man Who Knew Too Much.)  Popular character Stiles Stilinski (portrayed by O’Brien) was discussed often, with O’Brien himself answering much-buzzed-about speculation that Stiles was something more than human.

“I’m satisfied,” he said, even going so far as to tell fans that he and Davis were adamant that Stiles remain human.

Fans were treated to exclusive footage of the winter season (announced to air January 6, 2014), which you can view here.

And, with even more exciting news, Davis announced that Teen Wolf was currently casting an Asian-American female character, to correlate with their new season’s mythological inspiration, the Japanese fox-demon called a kitsune.

The fan Q&A warranted much laughter (and tears, from both a grateful cast and the excited fans), along with a surprise appearance from a costumed Keahu Kahuanui (character Danny Mahealani on the show).

Finally, at 7 o’ clock, Ballroom 20’s Thursday came to a close, and the Teen Wolf cast said a heartfelt goodbye to their fans.  With the show only growing more popular as it goes on, it’s safe to say the viewers aren’t going anywhere for awhile, and will await the winter season with typical bloodthirsty anticipation.

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