Pacific Rim: The Year’s Best Blockbuster?

Griffin Conlogue ’15 / Emertainment Monthly writer
Let me start off by stating the obvious.  Charlie Hunnam, the movie’s main character, can’t really act.  His line delivery is very flat and not very believable.  But just look at that face, he’s a damn good-looking guy.  Not to mention the fact that he was barely in the marketing.  There is a reason the movie is not making the money it expected to make. More than likely the problem arose from the not so great marketing.  There’s a reason a similar film (not in quality but in terms of giant robots) like Transformers would make more money in it’s opening weekend than in the entire run of a film like Pacific Rim. Forget how much money it’s made or what your expectations are from the trailer.  This film is for everyone and anyone.
While the film is definitely strong on style over substance, it has enough style for every film released this entire summer.  The film is completely visually brilliant.  Cinematographer and frequent collaborator Guiellrmo Navarro blends colors so well. The film was initially supposed to be filmed in 3D, so the film was shot digitally.  The visuals really pop.  The pacing is perfect and the action is invigorating.  There is so much that is inherently cool about the movie.
You will have a hard time finding a more entertaining film in theaters this summer.  Jaw dropping action sequences, hilarious characters played by the likes of Ron Perlman, Charlie Day, and great 3D effects make it a must see for any film lover.  With the plot being a little thin, it is good that there are strong performances (outside of the aforementioned Hunnam) and great special effects to make this the spectacle that it is.
Go into Pacific Rim with an open mind, and leave with your mind blown.

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