True Blood Recap: "Don't You Feel Me"

Alexis Bradley ’17 / Emertainment Monthly  Writer
True Blood hit us this week with a very emotionally heavy episode.
The episode opens to a drowning Sookie (Anna Paquin). Bill (Stephen Moyer) can sense that she’s in danger and despite his claims of Sookie being dead to him, he sends help.
“Oh my sweet precious Sookie,” says Warlow (Robert Kazinsky) as he slams a Corbett-possessed Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) into a tree and rescues her. She tells Warlow to use his fae magic to expel Corbett from Lafayette.
“Tell him to get the f**k out of my life, forever,” Sookie demands Lafayette.
Sookie and Warlow inform Lafayette of what type of creature Warlow is.
“You’s a vampire who can come out in the day time. Oh well there goes the damn neighborhood.” says Lafayette, to the couple as they fill him in on what’s going on.
Warlow gets summoned painfully by Bill. Sookie saves him by bringing them both to the fae realm. Enraged at this lack of obedience, Bill goes to ask Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) about the effects of a Billith summoning. Upon finding her room empty, he realizes Burrell (Arliss Howard) has her, and his future vision of our beloved Bon Temp vampires meeting the sun isn’t too far away.
Not about to bring a stake to his own daughter, Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) team up to take out the guards holding them hostage. He holds one up to the mirror, shoving and succeeding in causing it to crack enough to reveal a now slightly panicked Rev. Newlin (Michael McMillian).
“I see you Steve Newlin,” Erik says, before more reinforcement comes to take him away.
Willa (Amelia Rose Blaire) tells her father she wants to be moved to the general population. Being a baby vampire, she has no one to teach or tell her about these new experiences. He gives in and decides to let her go.
Jason (Ryan Kwanten) drops by a LAVTF office for a job with an act of bravado. He impresses the recruiter with his list of experience killing vampires. They both badmouth the vampires and Jason acts as if he relished their deaths. The recruiters leaves to get his boss and Jason utters, “racist f**ks” underneath his breath, after falling into the charade of his so called “hatred” of vampires.
Bill glamours Takahashi to remove his blood to the point of death so he can talk to Lilith. However Lilith doesn’t give Bill the answers she wants. He snaps at her and Lilith quickly reminds him that he was he who chose to drink her blood. Oh and she tells him to no dare visit her and demand for answers again.
Bill, after being brought to consciousness, sees a news report that Burrell is about to start selling Tru Blood at a discounted price. He takes what’s there of Warlow’s blood and drinks it.
“Going for a walk,” he tells Takahashi, and he steps, unfazed, into the sun’s rays.
Burell confronts a now caged Eric. “Are you mad that I turned your daughter into my daughter?” the vampire asks the Governor.
“I want you to know what it feels like to lose part of who you are,” Burrell tells Erik, wheeling Nora (Lucy Griffiths) out, much to his despair. She gets injected with a virus called Hepatitis V, meant to kill her slowly as he watches. Burell leaves, telling Eric to enjoy the show.
“I’m not afraid. I’ll be with Godric again. Able to look into his beautiful blue eyes,” Nora tells him.  But her brother isn’t ready to give up yet. Eric summons Willa, who’s now with Tara (Rutina Wesley) and has been taught to glamour by her. She talks suggestively to the guard, who had asked for her “services,” a few episode prior. Oh she’ll give you her “services” alright. She gets past the rest of the guards and sets Nora and Eric free.
“Well done baby vampire,” Erik tells her. They grow up so fast. Bill may be Jesus but Erik is still a badass. He steals a guard uniform and has Willa put a doctor’s coat on Nora. While in search for Pam, Eric comes across a room where Tru Blood is being bottled, and a small amount of Hep-V is being added to every bottle.
Now able to grace the day with his presence, Bill goes after Burell. With the sun no longer holding him back he’s basically invincible. Bill takes on the rain of bullets with glee before telepathically making all the guards turn their guns and murder each other. He demands information about his plans to kill vampires. Burell remains silent so Bill rips his head off.
Nicole tells Sam (Sam Trammell) that Emma is crying for her grandma. She tells Sam that he “can’t just keeping running, becaue it’s not just [Sam] running, it’s a little girl who lost her mom and dad.”
Alcide (Joe Manganiello) drops by Jackson’s hotel room. Jackson tells him Sam is in the same hotel.
Sam and Nicole meet Martha at the gas station. They give Emma to her on the condition she never returns to the pack. Sam and Emma have a tearful good-bye.
Andy is about to go to work and stops to say goodbye to his only remaining daughter.
“Do you think before you go to work you could give me a real name?” She asks him. He calls her Adelyn and gives her three other names to represent her dead sisters.
Alcide finds Nicole and Sam before they can leave the gas station. Sam promises that Nicole will not exploit his pack and will leave them alone. Alcide lets them leave and demands that Sam never returns to Bon Temp.
Terry drops by Lafayette’s to give him a key to a deposit box. Perturbed after this encounter, Lafayette calls Arlene. She’s afraid he may be suicidal.
“My life just doesn’t work without that man,” Arlene says to Holly, in exasperation and tears at this realization. However Holly thinks she can get a vampire friend to glamour Terry to forget about his military past.
Holly’s vampire friend drops by and glamours Terry. Now he only remembers the positive things about his family and work life.
Sookie questions Warlow about the contract and he offers to tear it up once they get back. He gushes about the kind of life that they would have if Sookie will marry him. That they would be a “close circle,” feeing only off each other.
“But I’ll be a vampire,” Sook tells him, putting an end to this fantasy.
Sarah discovers Jason is about to be hired by the LAVTF. She tells him to leave but he threatens to expose her sexual indiscretions if she doesn’t hire him. She gets her revenge though by forcing Jason to watch one of their Vampire sex studies. It involves Jessica being forced to have sex with another vampire named James, against her will. The male vampire has no intention of touching her though. He gets show by UV lights but still refuses.
“You’re a beautiful person, and you don’t deserve this,” James says to Jessica who is ready to just give in.
“I’m not a person, and you have to.” She tells him. He doesn’t obey even as they continue to torture him. The experiment ends and they take both vampires away.
Finally content, Terry works happily at his job. He offers to take out the trash and is shot at the dumpster.
“Hush hush darling, just let me hold you. Think about all the joy in your life,” Arlene tells him as she rushes to his side. At least he dies happy. At least he dies in her arms. She sings him to sleep until the last bit of life falls out of his eyes.
Warlow asks Sookie to tie him up. The night is coming and he’s never been around her at night without having recently fed. Sookie tells  Warlow about her reputation as a “danger whore.”
“Maybe it’s time I start accepting this about myself” She tells his. They exchange blood and have sex while Warlow is still tied up.
“Don’t You Feel Me”, is an episode that nearly breaks my heart. From Sam’s separation to Jessica nearly being raped. Oh and more specifically Terry’s death. By the end of the scene I was shaking. It was so beautiful written, shot, and acted. It’s such a shame to lose such a wonderful character. I can’t wait to see what will happen to these characters next week. Check it out at 9/8c on Sundays on  HBO.

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