True Blood Recap/Review: "Death Watch" [Spoilers]

Alexis Bradley ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff
True Blood has a new episode this week, and it looks like more deaths are on the way.
Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) tells Willa (Amelia Rose Blaire) to return to gen pop to warn Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) about the Hep-V in the TruBlood. A guard, realizing a breach has happened, calls for a search while Eric and Nora (Lucy Griffiths) slip out of the camp.
In the height of his desperation, Eric brings Nora to Bill (Stephen Moyer).
“I don’t know what you are. All I know is that I saw Sookie (Anna Paquin) stake you and you survived.  But if you are…God, please heal her for me,” Eric begs him. He wants him to feed Nora his blood. She would rather die than have Lilith’s blood inside of her.
“I can’t do it Eric,” Bill tells him. “This is her dying wish. We have to honor it.”
Eric tells Bill that he believes in Lilith and is willing to do whatever it takes to save Nora. Bill informs him of the vision, and how the sun will soon be coming to those that are in the vampire camp, and that they need Warlow’s (Robert Kazinsky) blood in order to stop it from happening. Eric agrees to help, so Bill gives Nora some of his blood.
“Sorry, we had to try it,” Eric says to her.
“I know brother. I know,” She responds.
Willa lets Pam know about the TruBlood. Still displeased with the baby vampire, Pam continues to be snappy at her. However, Willa demands respect; they bond slightly as Nora shows Pam a hand now detached from its owner.
“Severed arm? Not bad but too obvious,” Pam comments.  It’s beautiful how dismembered body parts can start to bring a family closer.
Pam commands her to warn Tara (Rutina Wesley) and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) , but not inform the rest of the vampires. If vampires stop drinking the product it would only make the guards more suspicious.
Discovering a dead Burell (Arliss Howard), Sara (Anna Camp) kisses his severed head, vowing his death won’t be for naught.
“These monsters pray on the pure. Know that your death was not in vain,” she says shaking with anger and purpose.
Sara meets with one of Louisiana’s senators, proposing a plan. They will pretend that Burrell escaped the attack and is working in seclusion. The senator will run the state while she handles all vampire affairs. He agrees to it.
Waking up after having sex, Warlow and Sookie discuss what it meant. Warlow is under the impression that it means they’re close to tying the knot, but Sookie isn’t feeling the same way
“You know this wasn’t just sex, is it? This isn’t just some simple infatuation,” he asks Sookie. Being extremely old, I guess he isn’t up to date on what a one night stand is.
Sookie hears Arlene (Carrie Preston) sobbing in the cemetery, and leaves promising to return later.
“Maybe now you’ll rest baby. Maybe now,” Arlene weeps, falling apart on top of the grave. Sookie goes to comfort her and Arlene tells her everything that has happened, and how she glamoured Terry(Todd Lowe).
Sam calls Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) to check in, and Lafayette tells him that Terry is dead.  He tells Nicole that he must go back to Bon Temps and advises her to call her mom to get her. It won’t be safe for Sam, but “not being there isn’t an option.”
Sookie brings Arlene home. Arlene immediately attacks Lafayette upon seeing him about the safety deposit box. Andy ( Chris Bauer) intersects and offers to be with Arlene when she talks to her kids. Sookie and Lafayette decide to snoop and find out what they can about the deposit before Arlene does.
They discover that is has a $2 million life insurance policy issued just days before his death. They finally conclude that Terry knew he was going to die.
Sookie and Lafayette return to find an inebriated Arlene, drinking to drown out the pain. They both agree to hold off on telling her about this new discovery. Holly (Lauren Bowles) introduces Sookie to Andy’s daughter and they drift into each other’s mind.
Bill arrives in broad daylight to give Arlene his condolences.
“Mrs. Bullefueler, I’m terribly sorry for your loss. I was very fond of Terry. I was proud to be able to call him my kin,” Bill tells her as everyone looks on with a new found horror.
He also apologizes to Andy for his losses and offers Andy his hand. With hesitance, Andy accepts it. Bill takes Sookie outside and tells her he needs Warlow’s blood. It’s the only way to save the vampires trapped in the camps. “Bring me Warlow…soon,” he says before leaving.
Jason sends for Jessica, and tells how he wants to “do right by her”. She refuses, and Jason lets her know that he was there when they tried to force her to have sex with the other vampire. She still doesn’t want to be saved, and she tells him about Bill’s vision. Instead Jessica wants to meet the vampire who wouldn’t rape her to thank him in person.
Jason brings James, the vampire, to Jessica. She asks him for some privacy.  Jessica thanks James, saying that he let her know that all vampires aren’t monsters.
“I believe that vampire chose to forfeit their souls. I’m not saying I’m a saint. But I made a different choice,” James tells her. Jessica lets him know that she wants “make love” with him, and that the end of their kind is soon.
“Everything about you is good and decent. You have this humanity just coursing through you. My last days; that what I want to leave the world, feeling apart of,” Jessica tells them, and they start to have sex.
Alcide(Joe Manganiello) brings Jackson (Robert Patrick) home, and Jackson tells him that “Pack life ain’t for us.” But Alcide goes back, regardless.
Nicole’s mother arrives. She thanks Sam for looking after her and promises not to let the information out about the wolves.
Pam seduces the therapist in order to be move into gen pop.
Sara tells Jason of the Governor’s death. No longer having this leverage hanging over her Sara has the guards cut his wrist. They throw him into the female gen pop. Tara immediately goes to protect him.
“Back off bitches,” Tara warns, but another female stakes their claim.
“Ladies please. He’s mine,” and they all back up.
Alcide returns to his pack, telling them that he has killed Nicole and Sam and returned Emma to Martha. Sadly, they know he’s “lying through his teeth,” and they bring out a captured Nicole and her mom.
Eric sits by Nora’s bed and begs Godric to “use his magic.” Nora wakes up and she talks to him about how they met.  It flashes back to the mid-17th century. A king tells Eric he wants him to save Nora, who is working with those captured by the plague. He enjoys having sex with. However, once he founds Nora, Erik sees that she has caught the plague that has been moving through England.  He can tell that she doesn’t want to go back to the king and brings her to his “father.”
“And so we end as we began,” Nora tells him, now back in the present day. She falls apart in his arms as Erik cries out.
I’m not completely in love with this episode. In fact I think it’s the weakest one so far, but that is due to the fact that, in comparison to the previous ones, not much has happened. Well besides the fact Nora dies, but it was pretty evident that she wasn’t going to make it despite their efforts. I think this episode does have one of the most powerful scenes in the season. Alexander Skarsgard does such an amazing job with Nora’s death.. It left me with chills. Let’s see where the next episode will take us next on True Blood, on Sunday at 9 pm on HBO.

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