The Twelfth Doctor Revealed On BBC Special

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A new Time Lord has been called into action. The BBC special, Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor looked over the history of the show and preceding Doctors and their companions before the Twelfth Doctor was announced to be Peter Capadli. An actor most known for playing the potty mouth Malcolm Tucker in the BBC comedy series The Thick of It.
Ever since Matt Smith revealed that he was stepping down from the show there have been many speculations on who would take on the mantle of being the last Time Lord. Some fans even feverishly hoped for a Time Lady, but at last the long awaited twelfth Doctor has been unveiled. Moffat himself stated that the list for potential candidates had been short one.
Peter Cadpaldi himself is no stranger to the “Whoverse.” He portrayed Caecilius in series four The Fires of Pompeii, an episode that has apparently turned into a breeding ground for potential new Doctors and companions in many fans’ eyes. He also was John Frobisher in Torchwhood’s miniseries: Children of Earth.
Smith will take his final bow from the role during the Christmas specials so hang on eleven fans we have him at least for a bit longer! What he had to say about his processor what this: “If I had to pick someone I’d pick him, I’m excited because I know what’s coming, and he’s going to have a blast.”. With the 50th anniversary coming up and a new Doctor in the working this is an exciting time for Whovians. Matt Smith with all his fish custards and fezzes will certainly be missed.
What do you think about the choice of the twelfth Doctor?

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