Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer Reveal Reactions

Chandler Kilgore-Parshall ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff

Today, it was announced that Batman: Arkham Origins is bringing multiplayer as extra content beyond the single player campaign. This is totally new to the series as previous Batman developer Rocksteady expressed that all of their efforts went into creating a solid and memorable single player experience with Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. So how does WB Montreal’s new and intriguing addition look so far? The answer is: amazing.


The formula behind Origins’ Invisible Predator Online mode is a mix of domination and team death match, with teams of 3 vs. 3 vs. 2! In Gotham City, Joker’s gang and Bane’s crew are engaged in a dangerous gang war, to control a piece of turf to take hold of the city. Batman and his loyal sidekick Robin are also in the fray as they attempt to take down both gangs and end the turmoil. The goal as the gang members of either criminal allegiance is to defeat the opposition, whittling their respawn count and taking hold of checkpoints to get ever closer to victory. If the player achieves enough kills or steals a checkpoint, they can become the Joker or Bane and unleash hell upon the opposing side. Each supervillian has a unique set of weapons and abilities such as the Joker using gag-like weapons like the joy buzzer or Bane’s superhuman shockwaves. Meanwhile The Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder utilize gadgets like Detective Mode and Explosive Gel, and incorporate tactics found in story mode. Batman and Robin focus on stealth and careful maneuvering in taking down both gangs. When they take down baddies, it increases their Intimidation Meter on the battleground and getting it full allows the superheroes to win the round.


All three teams concentrate on dominance, but each team goes about it in a different way that brings diversity and challenge to every match. Despite the fact that Batman and Robin can grapple foes up from platforms, the gang members can find the two heroes and strategize with fellow teammates in taking them down. Plus their guns can eliminate them quickly with a few shots, so the Dynamic Duo must move quickly and quietly to dispatch them with precision. Invisible Predator Online grants players the ability to decide the round’s momentum. Will you and your co-players take up arms and initiate a fast-paced firefight as part of Joker or Bane’s posse? Or will you bide your time as Batman or Robin and devise a series of traps and distractions to ensnarl your opposition? The possibilities are limitless.


Arkham Origins already looks great but with Invisible Predator Online, it looks even better! And there is bound to be much more to be unlocked when playing Origins both online and offline. The multiplayer mode looks ambitious and distinctive amongst the other online content found on the video game market. So which side will you take in winning the heart of Gotham City? Hero or villain?

Batman: Arkham Origins launches worldwide on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360 on October 25.

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