Husbands Season 3 Premiere Review/Recap

Maya Zach ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff

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If you thought that your life was awkward, guess again. The season 3 premiere of Husbands contains the 8 most awkward minutes you will ever see or experience. The tension among the characters is almost too unbearable to watch, I was cringing throughout nearly the entire episode. This isn’t an accident caused by poor writing or terrible acting; the characters were thrust into a horribly uncomfortable situation and many skeletons came tumbling out of the closet.

The episode opens on a wedding ceremony where Cheeks and Brady are meant to renew their vows and express their love to the world in a safe, uncensored way. But before they have the chance, Cheeks and Brady each bolt from the ceremony. After the bombshells have been dropped on them by their partner’s parents, neither could go through the ceremony.

Brady’s parents (Beth Grant and Michael Hogan) think that gay marriage is an abomination, but they will let it slide for their son, though they are far from comfortable with the idea. And before Brady came out of the closet, he was engaged to a woman named Claudia (Amy Acker), who happens to be at the ceremony today and still seems bitter. And if freaking Cheeks out wasn’t enough to derail their lives, Brady discovers that he is the splitting image of Todd, Cheeks’ deceased father.

Though it was practically physically painful to watch the characters struggle with this new information, it will bring a whole new level of depth to Cheeks, Brady, and their relationship. And it will just create more reason for Haley (Alessandra Torresani) to help them fix–err, interfere with–their lives.

When Husbands was picked up by CW Seed, I was mildly concerned that there would be some unwanted censorship. However, the network pickup definitely did not inhibit writers Jane Espenson and Brad Bell, as the premiere of Husbands was as edgy as ever. Make sure to tune into Husbands on CW Seed!

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