True Blood Recap/Review: "Radioactive"

Alexis Bradley ’17/ Emertainment Monthly Staff
True Blood is back with its season finale, and this episode definitely takes some turns.
Post-funeral, Sookie (Anna Paquin) decides to take a walk, still unready to return to Warlow (Robert Kazinsky). Alcide (Joe Manganiello) joins her and sparks of old attractions begin to form between them again.
“Sometimes I wish that I was [telepathic]. So I could get into your head and tell what you were thinking,” Alcide tells Sookie, but the scent of frolicking vampires catches his nose. The vampires from the camps are back and they’re practically dancing in the sunlight happily as they approach Bill’s house. Still buzzing on Bill’s blood, the vamps are swinging, dancing, and having sex in broad dead light. Oh and making Target runs.

Karoline, Ryan Kwanten and Anna Paquin. Photo Courtesy of
Karolina Wydra, Ryan Kwanten and Anna Paquin. Photo Courtesy of
Jason (Ryan Kwanten) and Violet (Karolina Wydra) relationship is starting to become less creepy, and actually provides a few laughs. They’re kissing and Jason, in the usual Jason fashion, has sex on his mind. “Not yet Jason. Little by little we’ll get there,” Violet chastises him. Yeah Jason chill, she’s a good Catholic girl, and these things take time. Sookie, now spotting her brother, runs up to him and introduces herself to Jason’s new beau. Violet kisses her once she sees that Sookie isn’t a rival. Sookie asks Jason if she’s okay with this arrangement, and he surprisingly is. It’s “Like someone has my back,” Jason tells Sookie.
Even wonderfully sardonic Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten), runs up to give Sookie a hug, followed by Tara (Rutina Wesley) who pushes her maker away to get to her best friend. Sookie leaves, happy to see at least her sacrifice wasn’t for nothing. Only Bill (Stephen Moyer) isn’t enjoying the fun. He looks out with a lonely expression at his ex, as she walks to her fate.
Warlow, our fairy prince, is preparing for the “wedding” ceremony, but Sookie is getting those last minute cold feet feelings. With impending doom now longer impending she wants to take things slow. I mean eternity is a pretty long time. “I’m asking if you’ll date me,” Sookie tells him, “We don’t need a closed circle to be together.”
Robert Kazinsky and Anna Paquin in the True Blood season 6 finale "Radioactive." Photo Courtesy of
Robert Kazinsky and Anna Paquin. Photo Courtesy of
Unpleased, Warlow smacks Sookie, and then lifts her off the ground by her neck.
“Who the f**k do you think you’re talking to?” Warlow seethes at her. I would make some type of sarcastic comment about this but wow I honestly did not see that coming. Drunken happy vampires are looking really good right now. Tara goes to check out on Pam, the buzz waning off. She wants go after him, and she does, leaving Tara to take care of Willa.
Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) runs inside to see her maker. Bill confides in her that he no longer has the powers he once did. Now with his mission fulfilled, and everyone safe he worries about Sookie. I mean he should be seeing how he basically pimped his ex-girlfriend out.
“In exchange for his blood I sacrificed her… She’s going to be made a vampire,” Bill tells Jessica.
“Then what the hell are you doing sitting here… yeah maybe you were an ass hole, but right now you have the opportunity to make this right,” Jessica tells Bill. Yeah Bill, stop sulking and be a man.
Bill and Jessica inform Jason and Violet on Sookie’s sacrifice. They’re going to have to ask Andy’s daughter for assistance, in order to reach the plane Sookie and Warlow are now in. Jason and Violet go alone to ask for their help. As they leave, Bill releases Takahashi and glamours his memory away, leaving him with a bag of money.
Predictably, Andy (Chris Bauer) is not ready to jump the boat, but Adilyn is willing to help them in order to save Sookie.
“She’s the only girl like me I know,” She tells her father. She wants to save her, because she was unable to save her sisters.
“Let’s do this shit then,” Andy gives in.
They reach the cemetery by nightfall and Adilyn reaches out her mind to Sookie. “Please, I don’t want to be a vampire,” Sookie tells her as Warlow begins to drain her blood. See Sookie? This is why we don’t help random strangers we see injured on an empty road. However,  Adilyn doesn’t know how to cross planes. Bill tries to reassure her. When that doesn’t work Violet frightens her into “harnessing her blood.” They break into the fae realm and take Sookie away from Warlow’s flowery clutches.  Bill stays behind to fight him, as the others take shelter in the Stackhouse home. But Warlow gets past him and enters the house. What makes matters worse is that Bill can’t even gain access to her house anymore. Warlow throws Jason along with Andy downstairs in Eric’s cubby and locks them in. Violet lies unconscious on the ground. Sookie is now left with no one to protect her. She hides in the bathroom, still weak and failing to create a ball of light.
“You’ll learn to love me,” Warlow tells her, ready to bite, but then good ole grandpa comes to the rescue. He reaches across the portal in Sookie’s bathroom and grabs onto Warlow. Jason comes upstairs, having been released by Adilyn powers, and stakes Warlow as Niall holds him. Warlow crumbles apart and Sookie and Jason pull grandpa back onto their plane.
Alexander Skarsgard in the True Blood season 6 finale "Radioactive." Photo Courtesy of
Alexander Skarsgard. Photo Courtesy of
With Warlow dead, the vampires lose their abilities to walk in the sunlight, but they are all under the night sky now. All but one vampire, that is. Eric lays naked in some Atlantic ice land. He is sitting in a lawn chair, reading a book by himself. The sun begins to burn him and that’s where the episode leaves Eric (Alexander Skarsgard). We can only hope and assume that Pam got to him.
Six months pass, and Bill Compton is suddenly a bestseller, calling out the true origins of hep-V. Alcide and Sookie, who are apparently together, watch him on the TV. Jason and Violet are still together, and Violet still won’t let him have sex with her. No longer trusting their government, everyone goes to church instead, to take blood samples and see if they’re carriers of Hep-V.
Anna Paquin and Joe Mangiello in the True Blood season 6 finale "Radioactive." Photo Courtesy of
Anna Paquin and Joe Manganiello. Photo Courtesy of
The black church and white church are coming together to shield themselves against the vampires. Sam is now the mayor, and a pregnant Nicole smiles at him as he takes the pulpit to talk about the reason why they got their fingers pricked. Bill Compton and Eric come together with a plan. Arlene is holding a social with free food at Bellefluers. In exchange for offering to have a feeding partnership with a vampire, they get their protection from vampires, and the vampires don’t starve to death.
At the party Tara’s mom walks up to her, wanting to talk.  She wants to apologize for everything.
“It was my job to feed you, and I never did it… come here, let me feed you,” She tells her daughter. “Let me take care of you.”  Tara goes to her with some reserve, and feeds on her mom.
Adilyn and Andy are at home watching TV.  Jessica goes to see them to offer her protection. Andy is still furious, and he holds up a gun to her chest. “You and Adilyn can be safe, that you never have to worry,” he says.  He closes the door in her face.  Jessica still stays though, keeping watch for other vampires.
Bill talks to Alcide and Sookie as they begin to leave the party themselves. “You need a vampire in your life. You need protection.” Sookie denies him. She isn’t ready to give him her trust yet. An argument between Bill and Alcide begin to brew, but they stop. Wild and hungry vampires, come to enjoy the party.
A pack of sick vampires head straight for Arlene's party. Photo Courtesy of
A pack of sick vampires head straight for Arlene’s party. Photo Courtesy of
Season six of True Blood is over. My verdict as a whole is this; it was well…meh. Not to say that the season was horribly atrocious, but the writing just felt lazy. I wasn’t as invested as I was in the earlier seasons. The season finale itself wasn’t bad, in fact the first thirty minutes were rather good, but then with “six months later” appearing on the screen, it felt rushed. All these things were set up like Bill’s book, Sam being mayor, and Sarah and Alcide’s relationship. I feel like I’m supposed to just sit here and accept this, but I don’t entirely do. There were a lot of easy fixes that the writers just ignored. Bill didn’t have to lose Lilith’s powers, Nora’s life probably could be saved or at least extended if they had drained most of her blood out, and Warlow’s switch felt too sudden. However, I will say that it was believable. Even with all this, I’m still curious about what season seven will bring to us.

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