Husbands Season 3 Episode 3 Review/Recap

Maya Zach ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff

The uncomfortableness felt while watching the first two episodes of Husbands has been lifted, however the show is missing some of the luster that it boasted in its prior seasons. The dialogue isn’t quite as snappy and the expanded cast seems to change the focus of the show. Luckily, though, the tension between Brady (Sean Hemeon) and Cheeks (Brad Bell) has dissolved and they have returned to their usual, loving selves; hopefully this will lead to the dynamic that worked so well in the past.

Though Claudia (Amy Acker) thought that hackneyed tricks would be enough to crush the husbands marriage, she hadn’t anticipated everything; such as Brady’s mother’s surprising wisdom in the field of love. To return the love to their forced marriage, they just have to forget that there was a marriage forced upon them. That realization was all that they needed to bring them back together and perform their re-wedding ceremony.

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