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Bridget Reed Morawski ‘16/ Emertainment Monthly Staff

Riddick Tops Weekend Box Office

Lee Daniels’ The Butler was knocked down to the number two spot at the box office charts after Riddick premiered last Friday. Riddick brought in a total of $18.9 million, in addition to the $7.2 million that was earned in overseas markets. The Butler slipped up after three weeks at the top, down 40% from their previous week’s earnings. The Butler made a mere $8.9 million, though the popular film brought in a total of $91.9 million to date since its release on Aug. 16.
Riddick is the third installment of the thirteen year old series which follows Riddick, a convict in the 28th century, and his adventures after escaping his prison convoy.

The Daily Beast To Announce the National Book Awards

The National Book Foundation has formed a deal to grant The Daily Beast exclusive publishing rights regarding the long-list for the 2013 National Book Awards. This comes months after the National Book Foundation made their first major changes to the awards in over a decade back in March 2013. The list now includes ten nominees for several categories including, Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry and Young People’s Literature. The foundation has also updated their judging policy to include not only writers, but librarians and literary critics.

Sony Unveils PlayStation Vita TV Mini Console

The Tokyo Game Show revealed today that Sony is going to release a new mini console. Known as the PlayStation Vita TV, the console would allow the user to play all PSP and PSone games, as well as all PS Vita games that do not require touch screen, camera or motion detection. Gamers will be able to play 1,300 games on their television through the Vita with a PS3 DualShock controller, as well as a reported future update adding the capability of streaming PS4 games.

The Book Subscription Service, Oyster, Soon to be Available on Tablets

There are movie, television, video game, gift box and music monthly subscriptions, but what about for books? Oyster, a new company devoted to book streaming via tablets, has announced it will soon release its new app for streaming books monthly. For $9.95 a month, subscribers have access to over 100,000 novel titles, from publishers such as HarperCollins and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

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