Wednesday's Top Entertainment News Stories (9/11)

Michelle Douvris ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Editor

 AMC Announces Breaking Bad Spin-Off

Even though Breaking Bad is winding down to its final episodes, fans now have something new to look forward to in the future. AMC is currently planning a spin-off series tentatively titled “Better Call Saul” that will feature Breaking Bad character Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk). The show will be designed as a one-hour prequel that chronicles Saul’s life before he crosses paths with meth lord Walter White (Bryan Cranston). It is expected to receive a series order from AMC once contracts are finalized. Until then, be sure to catch the last episodes of this groundbreaking drama, ending with the series finale on Sept. 9.

New Jurassic Park Film in Development

Universal caused quite a stir in the entertainment world last night with their announcement of a new Jurassic Park film. Entitled Jurassic World, the movie remains in early development but is slated to hit theaters on June 15, 2015. Casting news and plot details should start to trickle out in the upcoming months.

Mortal Instruments’ Box Office Failure Halts Sequel Production

With the exception of The Hunger Games franchise, young adult adaptations have generally had no luck at the box office as of late. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is the latest to join this long list, which includes The Host, Beautiful Creatures, and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Constantine Film, the studio behind The Mortal Instruments, had high hopes for the film and planned to turn Cassandra Clare’s hit book series into an even bigger movie franchise. However, the first flick debuted recently to a dismal $9.3 million its opening weekend. It has since accumulated a total global take-in of just $37 million against a $60 million budget. Producer Martin Moszkowicz announced in a statement made yesterday that production on the sequel would be postponed indefinitely. Lots of speculation has been made about the studio’s decision, but it appears that The Mortal Instruments just did not have enough power to support the building of a successful blockbuster franchise.

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