The League of Legends Quarter Finals

Ashley Crocker ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff
The League of Legends Quarter Finals are here! Ten teams have been eliminated and four advance: China’s Royal Club, European Fnatic, and South Korea’s Najin Black Sword and SK Telecom T1.

A member of Fnatic playing in a competition.
A member of Fnatic playing in a competition.
Last Monday, the American favorite, Cloud 9 Hyperx, fell to the European powerhouse, Fnatic. After two close games, Fnatic pulled ahead with a brutal 26-2 victory. Cloud 9’s Jungle Meteos Nocturne and Mid Laner Hai’s Fizz had a strong showing but just could not overcome Mid Laner xPeke’s Kassadin. Fnatic’s AD Carry, Puszu, and Support, YellOwStaR, also had a strong showing in the bottom lane, handily beating the C9 Lemonation and Sneaky duo. This victory takes Fnatic one step closer to the World Championship Finals and removes the last North American team from the championships.
The members of Najin Black Sword
The members of Najin Black Sword
Following, European Gambit took on the mysterious South Korean team, Najin Black Sword. The first game resulted in a surprise win for Gambit, but Najin was just getting warmed up. Though Gambits Mid Laner Alex had a strong Fizz in the first game, Najin’s AD Carry, PraY, dominated all three games and helped lead his team to victory. Taking the last two games in stride, Najin advanced to the quarterfinals.
On Tuesday, the stage welcomed the Taiwanese Gamanian Bears and South Korean SK Telecom T1. Continuing their strength from the group stage, SKT1 defeated the Gama Bears handily in two games. The Gama Bears just could not stand up to the outrageous duo of SKT1’s AD Carry, Piglet, and Support, PoohManDu. Along with Mid Laner, Faker, who, in the second game secured 10 kills on Lissandra, SKT1 marched their way to the Quarter Finals.
Royal Club
The last semifinal game was between Chinese teams OMG and Royal Club. The first match was a close one and despite OMG’s Mid Laner, Cool, going 8/1/2, Royal Club secured the victory proving that, in League of Legends, objectives are more important than kills. The end kill total was 15-13, with Royals just barely coming out on top. In the second game, Royal Club extended their lead. This game resulted in a 20-9 victory for Royal Club. Their AD Carry, Uzi, had a 9/2/4 record and Royal quickly closed out the game to advance to the Quarter Finals.
On Friday, September 28, 2013, EST SKT1 faced off against Najin Black Sword and on Saturday, September 29, 2013 at 3 PM the Royal Club will face off against Fnatic. Watch these exciting matches here at LolEsports.

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