Release Your Negative Energy And Come Party With Walk The Moon

Anna Cieslik ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Editor

Walk The Moon took off during the summer of 2012 with their hit song “Anna Sun” and the band hasn’t stopped moving since. Back on tour for what seems to be the last time before recording their new record, the boys in Walk The Moon are having just as much fun as ever with their crazy, kooky live performance. Their show earlier this month at the House of Blues in Boston was filled with dancing, clapping, singing, and laughter, leaving everyone in a state of bliss at the end of the night.

Emertainment Monthly was lucky enough to catch up with Kevin Ray, the band’s bassist, as they made their way to Boston from New York before the show. He had a lot to say about Walk The Moon’s fans, recording a new album, and living up to the hype of “Anna Sun,” among other things.

Emertainment Monthly: You guys are always such a fun band to watch live. How do you have the energy to do that every night while touring?

Kevin Ray: It sounds so cliché, but it’s totally honest – it’s just feeding off of the crowd. Because no matter how wiped out you are from the show the night before, you might just lumber up on the stage but once you see the crowd going nuts, you can’t help but be shocked back into it and full of energy. It helps that our audiences are incredible.


EM: Speaking of your live shows, can we still expect to see lots of face paint on your current tour?

KR: Well, you know, the face paint happens. It’s not something that’s forced, it’s just something that I think our fans have kind of taken on and made their own. We just follow along with whatever the fans are doing. Every once in a while, there’s a show where there’s no face paint out there and that’s okay. It’s not required, but when it happens, it’s fun.

EM: Personally, what’s your favorite part of being in Walk The Moon?

KR: Oh boy, the fans. I think we have a unique interaction with our fans. There’s a lot of bands out there and there are a lot of fans, but I think we have something really, really unique and they keep coming back. There are always more and more people in each city and we like to hang out and get to know our fans because they’re just super nice. Our record’s been out for a year plus now and we’ve done these tours a lot, but even on this tour, afterward when we’re talking to fans, people are telling us how proud of us they are and how much they love the record. It’s just so nice to have fans that are like friends of ours. I think that’s my favorite part.

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EM: You guys blew up pretty fast two summers ago with your track “Anna Sun.” At what point did you realize “oh my god we made it?”

KR: We never realized that. There’s no point where a band can really tell themselves that they made it. I think “making it” implies that you can take a break or sit back and relax and there’s never a point like that – at least for us. Once you get to a point where you think you made it, you’re already so focused on what’s next that it really doesn’t register that you’ve hit a milestone or a breaking point. You’re always focused on what’s next.

EM: For you personally, is there one band or musician in particular that you would absolutely kill to play with?

KR: If I was playing a show with someone, like we were on the bill together, it would probably be someone like Empire of the Sun. I just love their production and I’d love to be as close as possible to them and see that happen. I’ve seen them from the front row a couple times, but I’ve never had the chance to interact with them. Being able to say we played on the same stage as them would be pretty cool.

But if I were to actually perform with another band, I’m gonna come out of left field here and say Diplo. I really enjoy him and all the stuff he’s produced and all the stuff he’s made. I’m a huge Major Lazer fan and I think learning all about his background and what he’s really passionate about is why I think his music is very interesting. And I think to be able to perform with him would be something pretty much for me personally [and not the band]. But whether it’s with Walk The Moon or just me up there DJing with him, I think he’s such an interesting guy and has such an interesting perspective on music that I’d love to perform with him.

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EM: Can your fans be expecting to see a new album anytime soon?

KR: Well, we wrote the album. We spent most of the summer making it in Cincinnati for six or seven weeks and just writing eight hours a day in a room together. So we’ve got stuff written. Now we’re on the road and then once we’re done on the road, hopefully we’re going to start recording as soon as possible. We’re probably most excited about Walk The Moon 2014. We love the music we play, but we’re so pumped about the new stuff. We’re playing a couple new things here and there on the tour, seeing what kind of reaction they get.

EM: What was the process like writing this new album after having a song as popular as “Anna Sun” on your last album? Was there any pressure?

KR: I don’t think so. With this last writing stint, our goal is just going around and kind of pressing record and coming up with as many ideas as we can and just pumping stuff out. Then toward the end of it, start to whittle away at things and figure out what’s going to stick. We want to go into the studio with a ton of ideas, I think. Last time, we went into the studio knowing exactly what we wanted to do and not really leaving a lot of room for experimentation. But this time, it’s going to be a little bit different.

In the back of your mind, there’s always like, “we need to write another ‘Anna Sun!’” but it doesn’t really affect us too much.

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EM: So what’s one thing people should know about Walk The Moon before seeing you live this fall?

KR: I’d say dress in clothes that can get really sweaty. We like to have a fun time. We don’t expect people to go too crazy if they don’t want to, but we definitely expect people to move around. Nobody really stands around at our show. It’s a big party and we’re all a big family. You’ll get to know that if you don’t already. And bring some shoes with some arch support and maybe a towel! But once you walk in the door, leave all of your cares behind. We’re going to release all of the negative energy and have a big old party together.

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