Prepare To Be Pulled In With Gravity

Shannon O’Connor ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Editor-in-Chief
Part pulse-pounding thriller and part heart-breaking drama, Gravity pulls you in from its very first frame.
In its mere 90 minute runtime, Gravity packs a heavy punch. From its magnificent, sweeping visuals to its intensely suspenseful action sequences, Gravity will take your breath away and not give it back until the final credits roll.
Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side, The Proposal) is a force to be reckoned with as the brilliant medical engineer, Ryan Stone, whose first excursion to space does not yield the intended outcome. George Clooney’s (Up in the Air, Ocean’s Eleven) Matt Kowalsky is a veteran astronaut on his last mission to the final frontier for what was suppose to be a routine space walk. However, when debris destroys their shuttle the two are left stranded, floating deeper into space. Struggling with her own demons, Stone must battle the dangerous elements around her to find a way home.
While the visuals of the film have received the most praise and well-deservedly so, the performances, especially Bullock’s, are the most impressive parts of the film. The stunning visual effects bring audiences into the world of the characters, yet it is the spot-on performances that propel audiences into the story and onto the edge of their seats.
Bullock is phenomenal: carrying the majority of film on her back, she never misses a beat. With a minimal amount of dialogue, Bullock manages to captivate the audience with her ability to convey the fear and hopelessness her character feels merely through her facial expressions and actions. Toeing the line between fear, anguish and determination, she is utterly captivating.
Clooney, with his limited screen time, manages to leave a powerful impression on the audience. Serving as much of the comic relief, he allows the audience to take a few breaths before they are plunged back into the action.
Jam-packed with nail biting suspense, Gravity is a film that will stick with viewers long after it ends. Brace yourself for a bumpy, yet utterly exhilarating ride in Alfonso Cuarón’s stunning new film.

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