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Emily Dunbar ‘17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff
Felicia Day, beautiful and lovely as always, strolled into room 1A-22 of New York Comic Con several times before actually going onto the stage to begin the panel. Once she finally reached the stage, she laughed into the microphone and explained that she hadn’t known if it was her room, and whether she was allowed in or not.
After finally settling in and laughing some more, Felicia immediately opened up the floor to questions. The first was aimed at the fact that she actually had a college degree in math, not theater. Felicia explained that as a homeschooled student, she loved having theater as an outlet her whole life. She promised her father that she would get a “real degree” before running off to start an acting career – and she ended up doing exactly that! She also credits that math degree for helping her problem solve and structure her writing in her adult life.
The next question settled around why she started making her web series, The Guild. Felicia explained that she made The Guild because she wanted to write. “A part of me was like: ‘If you don’t do this, you’re never going to be happy,’” she began. “Now, I’ve found something that makes me happy to get up in the morning to go to work.”

Felicia Day. Photo Courtesy of
Felicia Day. Photo Courtesy of
As The Guild just finished up its sixth and final season, a fan asked about her feelings toward the show. Felicia confessed, “Those characters will probably ber the thing I’m most proud of in this world.”
Ever accommodating, Felicia responded to another fan’s question about Charlie Bradbury, her character on Supernatural, and informed us that she would be returning in the fourth episode of season nine! She says the episode is completely out of the box and fun, and (she promised us she wasn’t going to get in trouble for telling us this because it was actually already released) Dorothy from Oz will be making an appearance.
She characterized her time working on Supernatural as amazing because, “Those guys are crazy… In a good way! They’re such good actors, and they know the characters so well. The vibe of a set is always determined by the lead actors. They’re excited to be there and love what they do.”
Felicia explained the set-up of one of Geek and Sundry’s (her YouTube Channel’s) latest shows, which features 18 different vloggers. She then encouraged us to do whatever it is we want and whatever it is we love. “You don’t need anybody’s permission to make something.”
Felicia Day and Jensen Ackles in Supernatural. Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW.
Felicia Day and Jensen Ackles in Supernatural. Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW.
After crossing her fingers with us for a sequel to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (though she warns us to wait patiently, as Joss Whedon is a little busy with a tiny, indie show called Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Felicia said she would love to work with Simon Pegg or anybody from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Eureka on Geek and Sundry.
Her panel closed with a heartfelt appreciation for Charlie Bradbury’s character development throughout Supernatural. She complained that there was now a “narrow representation of humans on TV,” which really “does a disservice to the writers and to the audience.”
“Charlie is a cool character,” she added. “Her sexuality doesn’t define her, and her geekdom doesn’t define her.” She closed the panel by saying she’d play openly gay and nerdy Charlie Bradbury for as long as the fans and writers want her back.

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