The Naked and Famous Rock the House of Blues

Jocelyn Lee ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Writer

On the night of October 12th, the New Zealand band The Naked and Famous rocked the House of Blues with their electro-rock/pop-synths. With their second album (“In Rolling Waves”), having just come out a month ago, they’ve been touring the US and UK to promote their new music.

Opening for them was The Colourist, who was generally well-received by the crowd. The Californian band had similar sounds to the main act, with their anthemic beats and catchy lyrics. By the end of their set, they had the crowd nodding their heads along to the upbeat rock-pop tunes.

The Naked and Famous was welcomed to the stage with an eager cheer from the crowd. They opened up with a song from their new album, “A Stillness” which started off slow but evolved into something energetic to get the show started.

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Four songs in, lead singer Alisa Xayalith got the entire house to sing along to their newest title track. Before the song started, she taught the audience to sing the very simple chorus “Rolling Waves”.

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They ended their set of 11 songs with “No Way”, a song from their 2009 album “Passive Me, Aggressive You.” They played a good mix of music from both their first album with everyone’s old favorites, and their second album with their refreshing new sounds.

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During their two-song encore, the band played “To Move With Purpose,” which is the second to last track on “In Rolling Waves”. They finished the entire night with “Young Blood,” the most popular song from “Passive Me, Aggressive You”. Everybody in the house was jumping, dancing, and screaming the lyrics along with the band. Despite a distracting and blinding light setup on the stage, the concert was entertaining throughout, and the crowd was completely immersed with the somehow calming yet energetic beats.

The Naked and Famous will be continuing on their tour with the rest of the US and finishing up in the UK, until they join up with Imagine Dragons on their “Into The Night” tour starting in February.

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