Trick ‘r Treat 2 Announcement a Last-Minute Halloween Miracle

DJ Arruda ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff
Just in time for Halloween, the long awaited sequel to the 2009 cult horror hit Trick ‘r Treat has finally been announced. Speaking at a Q&A at L.A.’s Egyptian Theater following a live screening of the first film, director Michael Dougherty announced plans for a sequel and shared his hopes that the film would reach theaters unlike the original. Initially scheduled for a 2007 theatrical release, the film only managed to go straight-to-dvd in 2009. Yet over the past few years, the love for the film has only grown and the demands of fans have finally been met with this exciting announcement.
Following four interwoven vignettes on a Halloween night, the anthology has become a favorite of many fans of the horror genre and developed a cult following. The iconic character Sam ties the vignettes together and is very much the face of the series, and fans are eager to see where the sequel will be heading. The way that Sam punishes those who do not adhere to Halloween’s traditions as well as the overall atmosphere and charm of the first film will hopefully be recaptured and given new life in this long-awaited sequel.
In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dougherty further expanded on both the sequel and the making of the first film, bringing up his original plan: “Well we could probably do a Trick ‘r Treat movie every year or every other year, and that it would sort of just be a new batch of stories and characters. And the common link between all of them would be Sam.” Such an idea would have given a great boost to the wavering horror genre, but now there is hope that Dougherty can give it another shot. Legendary Pictures is also once again on board with the film, and Dougherty acknowledges the fans’ ever-increasing desire for a sequel. “I think that the chorus only got louder as the film started to grow and develop its audience, to the point where it’s insane. If I log in to check out the film’s Facebook page, or if there’s an article about it, the top comment is always ‘Give us part two.’ Just dozens of people. I think that momentum just started to build to the point where it was deafening.” Though the script has not yet been written, Dougherty assures that Sam will be back. “I can definitely say that we’ll be exploring Sam more and maybe getting into some back story of who and what he actually is.” The anthology format will also remain, with a new host of monsters to accompany Sam on All Hallows Eve. With Legendary finally giving the green light after all these years, the anticipation can only grow as we wait to see Sam once again uphold Halloween’s traditions with some help from other monstrous compatriots.

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