Castle Recap/Review: "Get A Clue"

Maya Zach ’17/ Emertainment Monthly Staff
In the episode “Get A Clue”, Castle seems to be up to its old tricks: ridiculous cases, great on-screen chemistry, and a lot of excitement. Though the plot is a little hard to believe, it is worth suspending your disbelief to get wrapped up in the entertaining plot. And it’s hard not to when Castle (Nathan Fillion) is so animated and giddy.
This week’s case is the murder of Susannah Richland, which appears to be a conspiracy to hide a secret treasure. Recently she began to investigate the occult, her house is completely covered in pagan symbols. She was tracking down hidden treasure through clues that she found in Theodore Rose’s note dated 1798. However, as Castle and Beckett (Stana Katic) investigate further, they discover that this is a treasure hunt hosted by the New York Historical Institute as a fundraiser. Castle, having solved many of the riddles himself, is devastated by this, so he investigates further on his own.

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He discovers that this might have been put on as a game, but it is based on reality. He and Kate head to the monastery that Susannah had visited recently in her search of the fake treasure. Here, he proves that the symbols are real, not just placed there for the fundraiser. He solves the puzzle and finds a lever to a secret door. Once they are inside, they find blood and the murder weapon, the obvious crime scene. They also find a sarcophagus, which contains the first coins ever minted in the US, ones that are worth $1.5 million a piece—the treasure.
When they confront the director of NYHI, Nolan Burns (Christopher Cousins), he admits that he knew the coins were real, but he did not know how to find them. He was using the fundraiser as a method of crowdsourcing. Burns hoped that Susannah would be able to find the coins. She was a direct descendent of Rose, and he hoped that the familial connection would be enough for her to find them, which it was. However, her cousin Henry Collins (Aaron Craven) was not pleased with the idea of placing the coins in a museum, as Susannah wanted. He killed her so that he could keep the profit from the coins for himself.

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Meanwhile, Alexis (Molly C. Quinn) and Pi (Myko Olivier) move in together and invite Castle and Martha (Susan Sullivan) over for dinner. Richard spends the entire evening putting down their apartment and Pi’s job (He’s a glorified beekeeper). When he goes to apologize, Alexis won’t hear any of it. All he has done since she has gotten together with Pi has been to belittle him and treat him like garbage. Alexis tells him that neither she nor Pi deserve that treatment. He needs to learn how to accept him and their relationship. Which is a completely reasonable request that Castle does not seem to grasp. He needs to trust her to make her own life decisions, just as she has. And to add on to Alexis’s anger, Castle forgot to let her know when he proposed to Kate; she had to find out through Martha.
In this episode, Rick and Kate have a chemistry that is more reminiscent of their pre-dating days. Their banter is much more playful than romantic. This is in no way out of character; rather it was a nice change of pace. It reminds the Caskett fans why the two belonged together in the first place. For instance, Beckett makes up crazy theories about conspiracies to toy with Castle, prompting him to become confused and frazzled. They have an incredibly fun dynamic that has been usurped by their romance.

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